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How to Get the Most from Your New, Energy-Efficient HVAC System


When you install a new HVAC system, you want it to be one of the most efficient and quality pieces of equipment that you’ll ever own. After all, it will be the determining factor of your indoor air quality and comfort. With years of experience providing quality HVAC services, Hutchinson can tell you exactly how to get the most out of your new HVAC system. Here’s how:

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Choose The Right One

Choosing an HVAC system that best meets the needs of your home and family is imperative to increasing its effectiveness. When you consult with an HVAC technician, he or she will be able to assist you in determining the system that is the “right fit.” For instance, if your home may benefit more from a central air conditioning system as opposed to a localized AC system, this is something you should be made aware of in advance.

Program Thermostat

Not only can you experience more energy efficiency when programming your thermostat, but you can save money as well. The best way to do this is by programming your thermostat to operate when needed and scheduling it to shut off when no one is home. For more savings and energy efficiency, consider using a low-energy consumption feature on your HVAC system or setting the thermostat slightly higher to decrease usage.

Seal Spaces

Don’t let your air or heat seep out of your home. Sealing areas around your HVAC system – including windows, doors, and baseboards, can prevent leakage. Insulation is also a great way to assist your HVAC system in keeping your home cool or warm.


Your HVAC system is running constantly in your home to ensure that you and your family are comfortable whether its the dead of winter or summer. While it’s working, it will accumulate normal wear and tear and will require regular maintenance to maintain its upkeep. The best way to do this is to have a professional HVAC technician inspect the system for any issues. You can also do your part in maintaining the quality and efficiency of your HVAC system by keeping debris and other things from interfering with it. Filters should also be changed regularly as they are extremely vital to remove bacteria and other pollutants. When you change your filters, you’ll experience cleaner, fresher air.

At Hutchinson, we are knowledgeable in servicing a variety of HVAC systems and the best way to ensure you get the most from your system is to speak with an HVAC technician.