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Critical Air Conditioning Factors to Consider Before You Leave for Vacation


Whether you are leaving for an overnight business trip or taking an extended summer vacation with the kids, you should not ignore your air conditioner while you are away. With the warmer temperatures just around the corner, you might wonder if turning off your air conditioning while you are away will save money and conserve energy.

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Here are some key factors from our respected Burlington County air conditioning repair company to consider when making that all-important decision to turn off your AC while you are away or simply turn up the temperature.

How long are you going to be away?
If you are going to be away for only a couple days or a weekend, it is better to keep the air conditioner on but set it at a higher temperature to reduce its use. Turning it off entirely for a short period of time will cost you more money re-cooling the house than you save by shutting it off.

What is the weather going to be like while you are gone?
Consider your local weather while you are away. If the weather is going to be mild, you may benefit from turning it off. If they are calling for high heat and humidity, keeping the air on and setting it at a temperature about 7-10 degrees higher than normal may be your better bet.

Are you helping your home stay cool while you are gone?
Going away for extended or longer vacations, you will save the most energy by turning your system off, but if the home gets too hot and humid, it can cause damage to your home. To keep the home cool without the air conditioning, make sure you close all blinds and curtains so that the inside of your home is blocked from afternoon sun.

Are there any simple upgrades that can save you money?
Consider investing in a programmable thermostat. If you do not want to come home to a hot, muggy house, your thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature based on the schedule you set. If you opt for a WI-FI programmable thermostat, you can monitor and adjust the settings from any mobile device.

Keep in mind that if you choose to turn off your air conditioner and your home reaches much higher than normal temperatures, the heat and moisture can affect other parts of your home, such as wood floors, doors, and cabinets, and excessive humidity could cause mildew.

Be smart when preparing for your next trip. If you think a programmable thermostat is your best option to handle your home’s interior temperatures, then call Hutchinson, the trusted Camden County air conditioning repair company, at 866-953-8728 to learn about which thermostats will best meet your needs.