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Why Your Furnace Keeps Turning Off


If your furnace has been turning off lately without explanation, then you’ve come to the right place. Our heater repair experts serve Burlington County, PA, as well as our customers and fans on the Internet and social media.

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We know how it goes—you’re relaxing with your family in your dining room leading into the evening. Then it strikes without warning: your furnace goes caput. You march downstairs to inspect and then turn it on, only to find yourself repeating this step over and over again, frozen solid by morning.

But no need to panic yet. The process in which the furnace continues to turn on and off is called “short cycling,” and here are some causes of the problem:

A Problem of Airflow

By far, poor airflow is the most likely culprit for why your furnace turns on and off repeatedly. You can usually trace this to a worn, damaged and overheating exchanger on your unit. One reason for its dysfunction may be a dusty and dirty air filter, restricting air from entering the furnace and cooling it down automatically.

Airflow is equally affected by closed air vents in your system. More compartmentalized, your blowers will slow down in speed, reducing the flow of air all the more. Any accumulations of dust or debris on the blower wheel can slow down the heat exchanger as a whole. Cleaning one such air blower is no simple task. You’ll want our heating repairs in Camden County, and the surrounding areas, in cases like these.

Inspect Your Thermostat

A small, but powerful tool, your thermostat can make or break efficient heating in your home, just by being miscalibrated. During your inspection, assess that the thermostat is functioning as it should be and that it’s properly mounted on your wall. If your thermostat is in the direct path of sunlight, its sensors could be skewed throughout the day.

Is Your Furnace Oversized?

When your furnace is too big for your home, it shuts before your whole house is warmed. As the temperature drops again, the unit will turn back on just as quickly, making it horribly inefficient in its operation. You’ll want a trained HVAC eye to tell you if your furnace should be downsized.

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