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Why It’s Not Too Soon to Get Your AC Unit Ready for Winter


With the summer season half over and the heating season lurking around the corner, it is critical that you prepare your cooling unit for winter to avoid costly repairs come next spring. But many homeowners neglect to do it. When you choose our heating and cooling company for your Gloucester home, you know that your AC system will be protected throughout the cold, winter months so it will be ready to go once again when the warmer temps return in the spring.

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Do I need to winterize my air conditioner?

  • Make sure you have a maintenance agreement. A technician will come out two times a year to make any necessary repairs or adjustments and tune up everything, so your system will run great all year round.
  • As leaves and snow drifts pile up, keep a 2-3 feet area around your unit clear. Preventing pile-up from surrounding your system can help prevent clogging, rust and further damage.
  • It may be suggested to install foam pipe covers to protect the pipes in your home from freezing temperatures.

Should you cover your air conditioner during winter?

  • Covering your AC unit helps protect it from debris, ice and snow that can damage parts. The blustery winter winds and unexpected storms can also lead to more expensive repairs down the road.
  • It may not be recommended to fully cover the entire unit because by covering the entire unit, you create a vapor barrier that can trap moisture in your condensing unit, which can cause it to rust from the inside out.
  • The exterior part of your AC unit was made to stay outside, so don’t worry too much about covering your entire unit.

By performing maintenance on your AC unit, not only will you experience the long-term benefits for the life of your unit, but it can spare you from costly repairs or replacements in the future. As long as you take the proper care of your cooling system throughout the winter, you shouldn’t need repairs, and you’ll be able to transition your home’s comfort smoothly into the warmer months. When you are ready to schedule your routine maintenance of your HVAC system, or if you need plumbing service in Philadelphia, call Hutchinson today at 866-953-8728.