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Breathe Better this Spring by Reducing Spring Allergens


As an air conditioning service company that serves Camden County, we know that if you’re like most residents of New Jersey and the rest of the Greater Philadelphia area, you look forward to the first day of spring. Now that the harsh, cold winter is well behind us, spring is in the air. Flowers are blooming, there is the smell of fresh cut grass, and it’s likely that you can’t wait to keep your windows open to allow the fresh air to circulate throughout your home. But, if you’re an allergy sufferer, spring may be your most miserable time of the year…and pollen can be your worst enemy.

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Some common indoor allergens include:

  • Mold
  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Cockroach droppings
  • Pollen

When these particles become airborne in your home, it can make it harder to breathe, thus making you uncomfortable and causing symptoms such as: coughing, sneezing, red eyes, itchy throats, and runny noses.

The solution is simple: HVAC maintenance provided by our air conditioning repair company that serves Burlington County can help remove these allergens from the air, and help reduce your spring allergy symptoms while improving your home air quality.

Here are a few steps that will help you breathe better this spring season:

  • Schedule regular HVAC maintenance asap – Not only will maintenance keep your system running more efficiently and extend its operating life, but it will help reduce indoor allergens
  • Change your air filter – filters can collect dust, pollen, and other allergens which are then are circulated through the air when your system is running. Check it monthly and clean it when necessary.
  • Have air ducts and vents cleaned – Mold and other allergens can hide in the air ducts and when the heat or air is running, these allergens can circulate the rooms of your house through the vents. Cleaning the ducts will get rid of any allergen buildups.
  • Make sure the areas around your indoor and outdoor units are clean – By removing dust and debris around the units, you will prevent these allergens from entering the system. Therefore, they will not be circulating throughout your home.

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