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How You Can Keep Warm and Save Money with A Zoned Heating System


One of the biggest issues with efficiently heating your whole home with one heater is that most of us do not use our whole home at any given time. After all, why should you heat every room in your home if you only need to add a few degrees to the room you’re in? It’s like having one light switch or faucet in your entire home. Can you imagine turning on one faucet or light switch that causes every light in your home to turn on and that would allow water to flow from every sick and shower? Your water and energy bills would be huge!

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If you’re thinking about having a zoned heating system installed, here are few reasons why you should, and most importantly how a zoned heating system will help you to save money.

Warm Air Rises

Because it’s less dense than cold air, warm air will rise in your home. If you live in a two-story home, the heat in your home is trying to collect in your upstairs. By zoning your heating system, you can avoid sending, expensive, warm air to an upstairs that is already comfortably warm.

Heat When Necessary

Many people choose zoned heating systems because family members constantly argue over the temperature. So, if you have a zoned heating system, family members in different rooms can heat their rooms to whatever temperature they think is necessary for them to feel the most comfortable.

Unused Rooms

If there are certain rooms in your home that are unused, a zoned heating system will allow you to reduce the amount of warm air sent to that room. No one is in there, so why should you waste energy (and money) keeping your furniture warm?


Because the separate thermostats will allow you to regulate the temperature of each room in your home, your heating unit will not have to work as hard to produce the warm air needed to help you feel comfortable. Therefore, this also means that there will be less wear and tear on your unit and that it will last longer. However, just like you would have your regular heating system checked, you will want to have your zoned heating system checked by a heating technician once or twice a year.

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