4 Tips to Help Lower Your Energy Bills in the Spring

If you are searching for ways to keep your energy bills low throughout the spring, there a variety of things you can do. In fact, here are four tips to keep in mind when it gets warm enough to keep your windows open, and the ducks are flying overhead! Schedule a spring checkup for your […]

Common Gas Furnace Odors and What They Might Indicate

While the every once-in-a-while funny odors you smell when your furnace kicks on don’t always indicate that something is wrong, there are some that might hint it’s time to do some investigating. What’s more, some odors might suggest your furnace might need minor repairs whereas others signify you have an emergency on your hands, and […]

Spring Cleaning and Your Air Conditioning System

Pollen is in the air, birds are singing, flowers and trees are budding. What does that mean? Spring has sprung! What’s more, not only is spring here, but it also means that summer is on its way, and soon we will be flipping the “on” switch of our air conditioners! While many people don’t necessarily start thinking […]

Why Scheduling a Home Energy Audit is Worth the Time

No matter what season it is, a home that is not able to handle the elements—whether you know it or not—can cost you some serious money. To help prevent you from having to face high energy bills, you can schedule a comprehensive home energy audit for your PA or NJ residence. What is an energy audit? Simply […]