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Why You Might Want to Consider a Zoned Heating System


For many people, trying to find ways to save money on their energy bills during the winter is a constant battle. However, one way that it can be done is by having a zoned heating system installed.

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What is a zoned heating system?

In a nutshell, a zoned heating system lets you have more control over where and how heat is distributed. This system breaks up your home into different “zones,” which are each controlled by a thermostat. And, because a zoned system allows you to have more control, it enables you to save some money on your energy bills.

How does a zoned heating system function?

A zoned heating system works by having electronically controlled dampers (valves that regulate or stop air flow) installed within your ductwork. Thermostats are then installed in each zone to open and close the damper as needed. Inevitably, when you set the zone’s thermostat to a higher temperature, it sends a signal to the damper to let in more hot air. If it reaches the set temperature, the damper closes, and the air flow stops or is directed to another area of your home currently being heated.

Besides helping you save money, what could be some other reasons why you might want to consider a zoned heating system?

  1. The temperature is more even throughout your home.

Many homeowners choose a zoned heating system to eliminate cold and hot spots. For example, multi-level and two-story homes are not usually heated evenly. In fact, because heat rises, the upper levels are often much warmer than the bottom levels. To stop this from happening, two zones are typically installed (one downstairs and one upstairs.) After one zone reaches the set temperature, the thermostat tells the damper to stop the air flow to that area. And, when that happens, this forces more hot air into the other zone to help achieve the right temperature.

  1. Members of your family might have varying comfort levels.

A second reason homeowners choose a zoned heating system is because certain family members fight over the temperature. For example, older family members might like it warmer than the younger ones. Therefore, having a zoned heating system installed for the older family member’s bedroom will let them turn up the heat without affecting the other areas of your home.

Having a zoned heating system installed is not an easy “do-it-yourself” task, and should be done by a professional heating company. To learn more about the benefits of a zoned heating system, and what it costs to have one installed, please reach out to us.