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How to Help a Heating and Plumbing System Survive a Power Outage


Although we at Hutchinson are a heating, air conditioning, and plumbing company, that is not to say that we cannot help our customers get through an emergency, and, in particular, a power outage. At Hutchinson, we know that the power going out is a major inconvenience for homeowners. But, we also know that once it goes back on, your heating and plumbing system could be negatively affected.

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Immediately after the power goes out during the winter, it is likely that you will scramble to find extra blankets, clothing, batteries, candles and make sure that your refrigerator is shut, etc.

However, if it is extremely cold outside or snowing, it is essential for you to check on your heating and plumbing system.

Why you should check on your heating system during a power outage.

These days, a lot of homeowners own high-efficiency furnaces that produce condensation. If it is snowing, the first thing you need to do is guarantee that there is absolutely no snow or other debris on or near the vents. Next, you should check where the condensate is going. If the condensate is typically pumped outside, it is vital that you ensure that there is also no snow or debris near those pipes/lines. All of this is important to do because when the power goes off and no heat is produced, blocked vents and condensate pipes/lines can cause your heating system to not only turn off when power is restored, but also malfunction. Also, it might be wise to turn your heating system in the off position during the power outage so that it does not suddenly kick into overdrive, and thus possibly breakdown, when the power goes back on.

In regards to your plumbing system…

If it is the winter, and you were told by your electric company that power will not be restored for a few days, it is important that you consider doing some of the following:

  • Turning your home’s main water valve OFF.
  • Opening your faucets a bit to allow leftover water to drain.
  • Switching off the breaker to your electric water heater (if it is electric), as well as the gas to your water heater (if it is gas.)

While most homes may still have some water flow during a power outage, a home that continues to use that cold water could eventually cause pipes to freeze and burst.

If the power goes back on after an outage and you discover that you have some issues with your heating and plumbing system you can rely on us to come out and make repairs. In fact, call us at any time as these types of issues can turn into emergencies and our technicians will be out to your home as soon as possible!