Monthly Archives: June 2015

How Can You Tell If Your Home Needs A Dehumidifier?

As an air conditioning service in Camden County, it is important for us to help ensure that all of our customers are comfortable. Even though most air conditioners do a great job of removing most of the humidity from the air inside a home, sometimes it is not enough. Also, just like having too little […]

Why Is Receiving A Home Energy Audit Beneficial?

Why is receiving a home energy audit beneficial? If you live in The Garden State, you are lucky. You are lucky because it is one of a handful of states that cuts homeowners a break for participating in the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program (“HPwES”).         […]

How To Tell If There Is Something Wrong With Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Thermostat

While you might be quick to blame your air conditioning unit as the sole reason it is not working, something else that could be the cause is your thermostat. As an air conditioning service in Camden County as well as other areas throughout Eastern PA, we have seen many times where the thermostat has been […]