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Protect Against Record-Breaking Heat Waves with Properly Functioning Air Conditioners


New Jersey residents never needed much convincing that spending the summer without air conditioning is brutal. This year, you should take even more care in making sure your cooling system is in working order. The summer has only just begun and it’s already shaping up to be one of the hottest on record. In addition to the existing heat, extreme weather events and high temperatures seem likely everywhere thanks to the recent intensity in the El Niño pattern.

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The east coast is no exception to the expected extreme weather and heat. To that point, the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac predicts high humidity, high temperatures, and higher than average rainfall all summer long for the New York area. Don’t wait for the heat to get even worse to get your air conditioning service in Philadelphia or South Jersey. The heat hit us in mid-June and it won’t be slowing down any time soon. Outdated cooling systems won’t get the job done – and some air conditioners inevitably break when overworked in extreme heat. In order to keep your family comfortable and safe this summer, make sure your air conditioner is up to date and in proper working order. If cooling systems are not running to their highest efficiency, you will be losing money when they run and you won’t be safe from the excessive and possibly dangerous temperatures coming our way this summer.

With the extreme weather heading our way, homeowners and businesses alike should make sure that their air conditioners are up to the challenge. Hutchinson’s technicians can provide air conditioning service in Gloucester, Camden, Burlington Counties and all over South Jersey and throughout the Philadelphia area and can also perform energy audits and make any necessary repairs or new installations to keep your family cool this summer.