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Reclaim Comfort In Your Home

Reclaim Comfort In Your Home

Get rebates from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™

As a New Jersey homeowner, you are eligible to participate in Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) – a “whole-house” solution for a more energy efficient, more comfortable, and healthier home. The first step is to contact one of our participating accredited and certified contractors. In your area, the HPwES program recognizes Hutchinson Heating, Cooling, Plumbing & Energy Services as a top performer.


The HPwES program offers financial incentives on energy efficient improvements. The more energy-savings measures you install, the greater the incentive you may be eligible to receive, up to $4,000. There are many long-term benefits to completing energy efficiency upgrades through HPwES.

  • Lower energy bills
  • Less energy use
  • A more comfortable, safe and durable home
  • Fewer drafts
  • A quieter home
  • A cleaner, healthier environment
  • Improved indoor air quality, fresher air
  • Reduces your carbon footprint

Financial Incentives:

  • Estimated total energy savings (TES) of at least 5% to qualify for rebates (up to $4,000) and special financing (as low as 0%).

How Much Could You Save?

If Your Home Was Built In:

  • 1950s      Savings up to 43%
  • 1960s      Savings up to 41%
  • 1970s      Savings up to 39%
  • 1980s      Savings up to 34%
  • 1990s      Savings up to 30%
  • 2000s      Savings up to 22%

Funding will be available until June 30, 2018 or until the funds are fully exhausted. Please call me, Chelse Kiefrieder, at 609-796-4053. I will explain every step of the program and I’ll even submit the paperwork for your rebate.

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