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Woodlyn is a quiet, middle-class suburb located in the western part of Ridley Township. The community is just a short twenty-minute drive to Center City, Philadelphia and forty minutes to Wilmington, Delaware. Residents of this community enjoy the close-knit feel of a small neighborhood while being able to easily take advantage of all of the social aspects of the city.

Because of Woodlyn’s small size and its location within Ridley Township, the history of the area is interconnected between the two hamlets. The first settlers were Swedish and arrived in 1644. They were followed by the Dutch in 1655, however, it was an Englishman named John Simcock who gave Ridley its name. Simcock purchased nearly 3,000 acres of land from William Penn in 1682 and changed the name from “Amos Land” to Ridley, his birthplace in England, in 1687.

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While no battles were fought here, they did see their share of both British and Continental armies as they passed through town. General Washington and his troops passed through town on the way to Delaware to face British General, William Howe. After the Battle of Brandywine, Washington spent the night in the home of John McIlvain as his troops slept roadside. When British troops came through with General Cornwallis on November 19, 1777, the robbed and pillaged the community, taking most of the good with them. They returned on December 22, 1777, and repeated their offense.

The area was developed more heavily around 1870 when they decided to create the “Darby Improvement”. The development was envisioned by men from Boston, who were developing the area between Philadelphia and Chester, who considered this another Main Line. A man called Copeland named Ridley. Within it, Woodlyn may have been named for the beauty of the woodlands that were here, or a farm on this partial with the same regard for the land.

Today, Woodlyn is part of the thriving suburbs of Delaware County. The community offers residents numerous places to dine and shop, all while maintaining a safe and friendly atmosphere.


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