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Woodbury, NJ is a small suburb in Gloucester County. Incorporated in 1854, this environmentally progressive community is steeped in history. With a population of just under 10,000 residents, Woodbury is a convenient thirty-minute commute to the heart of Philadelphia.

Originally known to the Leni Lenape tribe as Piscozackasing, Woodbury was founded in 1683 by Henry Wood of England. Wood, a Quaker, left his home in Bury, Lancashire after he’d been incarcerated for practicing his faith.

The city now bears his surname and the name of that town. Woodbury also had a significant place in the history of our nation’s birth. The Red Bank Battlefield, where in 1777, six hundred Americans defeated a Hessian force of six thousand, lies just two miles west of Woodbury.

The mid-nineteenth century ushered in a new growth as the city enjoyed a great economic and population boom. Much of this is thanks to the arrival of George Gill Green, a patent medicine entrepreneur, almanac creator, and Union Civil War surgeon. Green, who’d bought the rights to “Green’s August Flower” and “Dr. Boschee’s German Syrup” from his father, began selling the elixir in Woodbury. Green organized a massive marketing campaign sending out mass mailings of free samples with his almanacs. A millionaire by 1880, Green went on to build Woodbury’s Opera House.

In 1787, Woodbury would be the scene for a major paleontological discovery. A fossil bone was recovered from local Cretaceous strata. At the time there were no distinct groups of dinosaurs recognized, so it was retroactively identified as that of a dinosaur.

A proud Woodbury accomplishment is that the city was the first in the United States to mandate recycling. Donald P. Sanderson, the city’s former mayor, spearheaded the campaign that finally passed in 1980 after a decade of effort. Sanderson would go own to speak to other cities across the country, leading many to follow suit. Recycling is a great legacy.

Today, Woodbury has a vibrant historic district full of shops and an array of dining options. As they are seeing greater commercial growth, the town is ready to continue to make history. Woodbury, with its unique Victorian architecture, is surrounded by beautiful parks and open spaces. The families of this small town trust Hutchinson’s Plumbing to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our trusted contractors provide HVAC services across the state, we are local and have been furnishing the Woodbury community with plumbing upgrades for almost seventy years. Our heating and air conditioning services are second to none. We have won awards from the Courier Post and Lennox due to our expertly better HVAC maintenance and repair work.

Our contractors are friendly, courteous and on time. We arrive with a smile and always clean up after ourselves. Your heating and air conditioning are so important to your comfort and lifestyle, it is awful to be without them for even one day. That is why Hutchinson goes the extra mile, We are always available to make an appointment that works around your schedule. In the case of a serious matter like a plumbing emergency, we are available 24/7! Call Hutchinson anytime, your work is guaranteed.

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