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Williamstown, NJ is a moderately sized community that resides in Monroe Township. Located in the northeast corner of Gloucester County, the town has been referred to as one of the “pine townships,” due to the wooded nature of the area. With both Philadelphia and Atlantic City less than an hour away, it’s a prime location in southern NJ to live and work.

Originally called Squankum, a Lenape term meaning “place where evil spirits dwell,” many believed it earned the moniker for the abundance of mosquitoes that resided in the area. Settled in 1737, the village consisted of only a few homes. In 1758 it was connected to Whitehall Mill thanks to new road construction, which allowed the town to grow. Early residents were hunters and loggers, but in 1830 the glass industry sprung up in the area creating a commercial boom.

Free Will Glass Manufacturing was the first company to bring new residents into town. The industry continued to flourish until the agricultural business took over in the early 1900’s. The John Sharp Canning Co. still operates today under the name Blue Ribbon.

Like much of the region, religion played a major role in early settlers lives. The first constructed church was operated by Quakers and the earliest faith was Methodist. Even the Roman Catholic faith had early roots in Monroe, as they used the old Town Hall to hold Mass.

Today Williamstown and Monroe Township are moving toward the future. With a growing population, the city has added more schools, a new fire and police station. Locals enjoy the many festivals and events throughout the year as well as a strong sense of community with their neighbors.

Having its own longstanding history, Hutchinson Plumbing is proud to offer our services to the members of the Williamstown community.  We pride ourselves in being ‘Expertly Better’ in all that we do, including offering personal and professional service for all your HVAC needs. Our heating and air conditioning services are second to none, and we win awards for them every year.

Williamstown has undergone a lot of growth over the last few decades. Hutchinson’s local contractors have been with you every step of the way. We install brand new HVAC systems in the best new homes that are so efficient, they earn the Federally recognized Energy Star rating for home efficiency.

Hutchinson’s local contractors have completed so many Energy Star rated systems, that we were placed in the top three companies in the country for completed projects. Energy Star is a program by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to keep homes efficient with a smaller carbon footprint. We also can repair or maintain any other heating and air conditioning systems you have in place until you are ready for an upgrade.

Our local plumbing experts are also top notch. With four generations and seventy years of experience to build from, we know how your plumbing was set up. Weather it be from the 1800’s or brand new, Hutchinson’s expert contractors are fully trained. We know just how to correct any pressure or water temperature issues. If you just have a small leak or want a new low flow toilet installed, we can take care of it. If you need an emergency overhaul we can do that too, 24.7 and at your convenience.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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