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West Creek is a small hamlet consisting of just over 3,800 people located in the southern coastal area of New Jersey. Situated on one of the state’s main thoroughfares, Route 9, it also lies on an eponymous stream that was believed to derive its name from the Lenape Native American tribe who called it Westecunk Creek which means “place of fat meat”.

West Creek was settled in the late 1700s and later became part of the Eagleswood Township and was developed by settlers looking for access to Little Egg Harbor where plentiful seafood could be fished. Early settlers established deep Quaker roots using several locations as meeting houses. In the beginning, residents developed the area for farming, however, the later part of the 18th-century sawmills and manufacturing came to the region.

Shipbuilding eventually became one of the town’s biggest industries supporting the area for wartime and fishing vessels. It is of some note that, in 1836, Captain Hazelton Seaman designed and built a special boat used for hunting waterfowl called a sneakbox in a West Creek Marina. As industry declined in the late 1800s the area pivoted to the more sustainable cranberry farming that had been sweeping the New Jersey Coast. West Creek still has several historic locations from the early days as well as many turn-of-the-19th-century Victorian style houses give the area an authentic antiquity feel.

Today, West Creek’s Main Street serves as the community hub providing a host of family activities in a quiet, laid-back atmosphere. Though residents and seasonal visitors enjoy the access to the larger, more populated beaches in the Southern Shore area of New Jersey, they can easily retreat to the Eagleswood Amusement Park that has rides and arcade games for the kids and access to all the outdoor activities for which the area is known.

Whether your home is brand new or one of the older buildings in the area, it needs routine HVAC maintenance to keep your family comfortable every day. We are available to send an expert plumber for any emergency that you may have, day or night. Our contractors are ready 24/7 to come to the rescue of your heater or air conditioning unit. Our professional services are clean, courteous and our technicians are highly knowledgeable.

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