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West Chester, PA is the county seat of Chester County. The county, and hence its Chester towns were named after Chester, England by William Penn. The town was incorporated in 1799 but was named the county seat thirteen years prior. There was a county seat in existence, called Chester already, at the Eastern border of the county. Which was being replaced.

This West Chester town was called Turk’s Head at that time, chosen for the position of the County Seat, chosen only for its central geography. The court could be more easily used by the Western and Northern parts of the county from here. Turk’s Head got its name from a Turkish man who had a popular tavern/store/Inn. The Tavern sat on a corner, and it had a picture of a man in a turban that stood out enough to be recognized far and wide. Farmers could easily give directions from the Turks Head Inn sign. At that same corner, in 1777, a log cabin make-shift hospital treated soldiers hurt in the Battle of Brandywine.

The West Chester Railroad provided more access to Philadelphia and Malvern, which brought new residents. Plant nurseries became the largest industry here, shipping seedlings by train. Eventually, nine hundred thousand were shipped annually. West Chester was also known for its upper-class black residents, after the civil war and before. As early as 1838 there were successful black-owned businesses and artists here listed on the county tax documents, doing very well in many different professions.

Being the county seat, the town attracted many businessmen and lawyers which laid the way for upscale education and recreation. In 1813 the West Chester Academy was born, which would eventually be West Chester University. There was also Horticultural Hall, which attracted the best minds of the times to lecture, and soon it was a thinking hub. The first women’s rights convention was held here.

After World War II, a chemist was working on mushroom agriculture. He stumbled upon a way to mass produce penicillin, boosting both the states mushroom industry and world health. The population grew after that and the farms were eaten up by housing developments. The college enrollment grew as well, making this an official college town.

Today the things to do in West Chester are endless. The population is over eighteen thousand residents.  After all of the activities of the day, the people here demand a comfortable home that runs properly and efficiently. The expert plumbing and HVAC contractors at Hutchinson’s are proud to be called upon for our services, by such outstanding people.

Hutchinson’s local heating and air conditioning contractors come to West Chester time and time again for repeat business. Our plumbing services are considered ‘expertly better’ and that expertise is demanded by the busy people who live here. If they need a plumber, they know that a courteous expert will arrive, on time, to an appointment scheduled at the customers convenience.

Our local HVAC contractors have four generations of experience with heating and air conditioning, combined with continuous education that each is required to achieve each year. This makes our HVAC services the best in the local area, and keeps families returning through generations. When West Chester needs local heating and air conditioning services, they simply call Hutch. We are here for you 24/7.

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