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Washington’s Crossing, PA is not incorporated but it is very famous and well known for the turning point chess move of the Revolutionary War. It is a village in Makefield Township and the home of the Pennsylvania side of Washington’s Crossing Park. The park holds the site where Washington’s troops launched their Christmas crossing of the Delaware River. Three miles downstream there is also Pennsylvania’s fourth veteran’s cemetery, it opened in 2009.

In the park, you can enjoy the annual Christmas day reenactment of the river crossing. It is such a beloved event that the entire community was named a US National Historic Landmark in 1961. The crossing of the river was considered the decisive event of the revolutionary war. It is also celebrated on the other side of the river in New Jersey in the continuation of a park with the same name, and an additional three thousand five hundred acres. It is complete with an astronomical observatory and nature preserves.

Here in Washington Crossing, PA the focus is on the exact detailed events that happened here, the old heavy Durham boats they crossed with, the six PM start, the hail and sleet storm that took them by surprise, and the frozen river closing in on them as the two thousand four hundred men crossed on Christmas night.

Washington Crossing was called Taylorsville in 1776. Taylorsville had an Inn that took care of General Washington when needed. Today there is an inn at the same spot built on top of the original inn’s foundation.

In the 1800s The troops had been camped for months in the area of today’s five hundred acre preserve park. There is also a second tier to the PA side of the park. The Gristmill, the Thompson Neely House and Bowman’s Hill Tower are all landmarks important to the troops, separated by four miles from the crossing spot, and they are still included in the park.

History is very important to the residents here in Washington’s Crossing, Makefield Township. It is no surprise there are so many eighteenth and nineteenth century styled homes here. There are very modern homes here as well. It is a good thing Hutchinson plumbing contractors are well versed in both types of homes. Our local heating and air conditioning contractors have experience in this area, so they understand how these homes are set up. Hutchinson’s HVAC work has been developing and gaining expertise for seventy years. We know how the old home’s systems work, and exactly what we should do to both preserve the homes historical feel as well as make it comfortable for your family to live in.

Our expert contractors will check all ventilation, ducts, filters, and insulation. That way we can recommend the absolute best path to take to get your home’s heating and air conditioning running at its peak efficiency. Our services are always started by giving you a written, detailed report of everything we plan on doing. This will ensure you don’t have any surprises because you will know every cost up front and in writing. Our HVAC and plumbing services are always done right the first time because we are so sure our local contractors are expertly better that we guarantee it.

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