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In 1986, this town received a congratulatory letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania on the 275th anniversary of Warminster being a township on record. He stated in the letter that this and other towns like it are the backbone of the state. Hutchinson agrees that Warminster represents a great community and free spirit. Ronald Reagan also sent a letter for the special anniversary. Of course, now it is well over three hundred years old, and we know that the town was called Warminster as far back as 1674, even before the state was official.

Folklore talks of whales, sharks and seals in the Delaware with plentiful Bass, shad, and Pickerel as recently as 1850. In the sky were eagles, pheasants, turkeys, passenger pigeons by the hundreds of thousands with flocks that blocked out the sky on the way to their migration. The Turtle Clan of the Lenni Lenape People called William Penn “Brother Onas” and lived peacefully helping the Quakers and Swedes settle and build the area, and this is what the settlers of the new world enjoyed. Warminster was at first a part of Southampton Township until 1711 when the courts were petitioned to separate Warminster from Southampton for tax purposes.

Today it is home to over 32,000 people. We at Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning, are proud to provide quality local services to the residents of Warminster. Our plumbers are second to none and can come to the rescue whenever you have an emergency. Our highly skilled HVAC contractors are available 24/7.

The Johnsville Naval Air Development Center was built on the site of the Brewster Aeronautical Corporation after it went bankrupt in 1940. It was previously known as Brewster field, known for manufacturing dive bombers. By 1944 the Navy had complete control and it renamed the site NAMU – Naval air manufacturing Unit- Johnsville. The plant made missiles, drones and aircraft parts. After making weapons and long after WWII, the base became a training center for the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. They developed the “black box” which is widely used in air travel today. They housed the largest centrifuge, that could spin a man at 16 g to 42 g-force.

Today the area has been revitalized again, as housing and stores. The EPA had a Superfund project here after the manufacturing era ended, and it was a successful cleanup. Now Warminster is a clean, tight-knit community with strong historical ties to the military, science, and technology. It still has the rural farm nostalgia but with a modern neighborhood presence. Hutchinson’s loves to send our local contractors to Warminster for HVAC calls.

We take pride in taking care of the residents here when they need a plumber or a heating and air conditioning contractor’s expertise. Our local services are award-winning. We are renowned by industry leaders such as Lennox and local newspapers for being expertly better. We also are top providers for the EPA’s Energy Star Program. If you schedule an audit we can get your home in top shape for comfort and efficiency, and possibly find you state incentives as well as reduce your utility bills. Call Hutch today!

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