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Waretown, NJ is an unincorporated community within Ocean Township. Since it is often confused with a similar Ocean Township in neighboring Monmouth County, locals often broaden the Waretown name to include the entire Ocean County version. The heavily wooded community creates a picturesque setting against the Barnegat Bay.

The name of the town is derived from Abraham Waier, a member of the Rogerines (Quaker Baptists), who settled into the area with other Quakers in 1739 after being expelled from Connecticut. They left because of their adverse views of Puritan Sabbath laws of New England. The colony moved on eleven years later, but Waier remained to tend to a sawmill he was rebuilding after the original had been lost to a storm. Despite his exile from Connecticut, Waier was considered an esteemed member of the community in Waretown.

During the Revolutionary War, villagers in the area saw their efforts to ship lumber to New York hampered due to British cruisers patrolling the Barnegat Inlet. Privateers who were able to escape the watchful eye of the British would have lucrative trips, however, those who were caught would be captured and have their boats and cargo set ablaze. Waretown was known for pirate stories and nautical extremes.

Economically, Waretown during the 1700s and 1800s was a shipbuilding center. Large vessels such as schooners, baroques, and whaleboats were constructed out of white cedar which was native to the area. Ship manufacturing gave way to fishing and hunting during the twentieth century. Locals would sell their goods in New York City and Philadelphia.

Today, Waretown is a growing NJ community. Over the past decade, there has been an addition of over one thousand homes, a private golf course, and shopping plaza. The town is also home to the famous Albert Music Hall, which hosts bluegrass music every week. Waretown residents can trust Hutchinson’s Plumbing to leave you extremely satisfied with our award-winning “expertly better” services and professional knowledge. Our HVAC technicians are highly qualified and skilled in, plumbing, heating repairs, air conditioning repairs, heating installations, air conditioning maintenance, drain cleaning, water heater services, and more.

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In the same way that Waretown strives for excellence in improving the lives of its residents, Hutchinson Plumbing Heating & Cooling is dedicated to improving the lives of our customers, employees, and community. Our contractors pride ourselves on providing personal, professional, and knowledgeable plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and drain services. You can trust Hutchinson to send a local, reliable plumber when you need one. In addition to our air conditioning repair and installation services, customers can enjoy AC Service Plan Options which awards homeowners with priority scheduling and convenient financing options, so you are never left with broken systems again!

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