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Hutchinson often rides up Delsea Drive to Bayshore Road heading to the Villas. Our local plumbing contractors know this area, and its history as well as its environmental importance to our ecosystem. Let our experts maintain your HVAC systems and have our heating, air conditioning and plumbing services give you a more comfortable, efficient home here.

Villas, NJ is an unincorporated community within Lower Township. This quaint waterside village is located on the Delaware Bay, and has a less than a twenty-minute commute to Cape May and Wildwood beaches. In 2008, New Jersey Monthly rated the area the 34th best place to live in NJ.

The region was originally occupied by the Kechemeche tribe of the Lenape native Americans. In 1609, Henry Hudson traveled the Delaware Bay and stayed on land in the Cape May – Lower Township area before traveling onward. In 1630, the Dutch West India Company purchased sixteen square miles of land along the bay from the local tribes. Because of the large number of whales in the region, the Dutch explorers set up parts of the town as a whaling village ten years later and it became the first European settlement in Cape May County.

The Fishing Creek Schoolhouse is an iconic landmark in the Villas that was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The original school was built in the 1800’s, about a mile north of where it is now. The structure, a log cabin, became so rundown that a new one was built on donated land in 1888. Builders of the school, many of which were Civil War veterans, adapted the structural plans of a church to create the one room school. In 1926 the school was sold at public auction in 1980 to the Leckey family who wanted to preserve the school and use it as a summer house.

A small fishing community sprung up in the 40’s and 50’s and was a summer destination for many blue-collar Philadelphians. It is part of Lower Township which has the largest year-round population in Cape May County and boasts the best sunsets in the state along the Delaware Bay.

Today, Villas is a quiet residential community for those who want to live near or on the water, but not have the crowds of one of the resort cities. The streets are lined with trees and traditional bungalow and ranch style homes and the bay continues to provide locals with great fishing and crabbing opportunities.

Villas is home to the 253 acre Villas Wildlife Management Area which has become a favorite spot for birdwatchers, bikers, walkers and anyone who just wants to see nature and a variety of wildlife up close and personal. With miles of trails, hikers can wander through restored savannahs, grasslands and swamp forests. You can see parts of the public and private bay coastline roped off at different turtle nesting and egg hatching seasons, protected as an important part of the species survival.

This small, lovely bay town trusts Hutchinson Plumbing to deliver outstanding heating and air conditioning services to keep its families warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our expertly better plumbers and local contractors are often installing new HVAC units or sump pump drainage systems to keep your home safe and dry here in the Villas.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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