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Tuckerton, NJ is a beautiful waterfront community that is nestled along the banks of the Barnegat Bay. The borough is unique because it is completely surrounded by, and shares a zip code with its neighbor, Little Egg Harbor Township. Despite many people confusing Tuckerton for Little Egg Harbor’s downtown area, it stands as its own politically independent location that was incorporated in February 1901.

The area now known as Tuckerton was settled by multiple families in 1698. One of those families, the Andrews, had built homes on the east and west side of the Pohatcong Creek. Edward Andrews grew tired on the travel to Mount Holly with his grain, so he built a cedar log grist mill in 1704. The mill still stands today.

Ebenezer Tucker, who the town was named after, served in the American Revolutionary War under General George Washington at the Battle of Long Island. He served as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas as well as many other judicial roles. He served as the Tuckerton Postmaster from 1806 to 1825, resigning to take up duties as a Congressman. It was at a dinner he hosted in March 1789 that the town decided to change the name from Clamtown to Tuckerton.

Today, locals and tourists take advantage of beautiful locations like the Bass River State Forest and the Tuckerton Seaport, which offers historic and recreated structures, a boardwalk and a wetlands trail. On October 18, 2012, Tuckerton suffered extensive damage from Super Storm Sandy. Nearly three hundred homes received extensive damage and thirty-two homes were completely lost. Businesses along South Street and the Tuckerton Seaport were damaged.

Tuckerton has since rebuilt from the storm and families are enjoying this close community again. Hutchinson’s local Plumbing and HVAC services are always available to help restore the heating and air conditioning systems in homes after such damage. We are experts in rebuilding and repairing entire HVAC units with better ventilation and safe ductwork. We always take mold, gas leaks, asbestos, and other safety hazards into consideration when bringing a home back to functionality. The safety and comfort of your family is our number one priority. We also work to the convenience of your time schedule.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing has seventy years of passed down family experience in dealing with all types of local flooding and unusual circumstance. We are considered expertly better because we have been there and learned from our four generations of experience. Our contractors are constantly undergoing additional training so that we are always up to date and our services stay expertly better.

Think of us for all of your heater and air conditioning service calls and routine maintenance. We are your local, reliable contractors. If a problem arises with your air conditioner, heating system or plumbing, we can provide service quickly and efficiently to fix the problem. We know the Tuckerton area very well and have proudly served you since 1948.

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