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Titusville, NJ is a small unincorporated community within Hopewell Township. The historic residential community lies within a wooded area along the Delaware River just north of the location where General George Washington crossed into the state. The history of Titusville can be traced back to 1750 when Joseph Titus purchased three hundred acres of land along the river.

Mr. Titus’s land, which included Fiddlers Creek, was a thick woodland where he built mills on both side of the creek that would stay in his family for generations. The River was used to supply lumber and coal to growing developments downstream. For the next one hundred years, the town was a great hub of commerce, however the growth of the town was limited by its physical location and the large swaths of land surrounding it that were owned by local farmers.

In 1834 the D&R Canal opened and in 1851, the first railroad had arrived in Titusville.

In addition to the history of land development, the area has another significant historical claim. On Christmas 1776, General Washington famously crossed the Delaware River just south of Titusville to lead the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.

The troops, feeling defeated by the cold and hunger, landed at Johnson’s Ferry which is now located in Washington Crossing State Park. His army first marched to Trenton where they defeated the Hessian troops and then moved on to another victory in Princeton. It is believed that General Washington and other officers used the Johnson Ferry House to discuss military strategy. The park that now incorporates the area, offers an annual Christmas Day reenactment of the famous crossing.

After the holiday festivities, you want to go home to the modern conveniences and comfort. During the winter months, the temperatures have been reaching new lows, and staying there for long periods of time. This has been putting stress on heating and plumbing systems in Titusville and the local surrounding areas.

Hutchinson’s plumbers and HVAC contractors are experts in repairs and maintenance, to get your home warm and comfortable again fast. Our services are guaranteed, and we are up front about every cost before we start any work, in writing. While we are repairing, installing or maintaining your HVAC system we will also be checking for drafts, leaks, exhausts and making sure your health and safety is not in any danger.

Hutchinson is there for you in the summer months too. We’ll make sure your air conditioning is cold enough, and we’ll find ways to improve your home’s efficiency from the appliances to the duct work. Most of our services come with a warranty, with courtesy, and with convenience. We make appointments around your schedule. You won’t have to change anything to accommodate our service calls.

Hutchinson’s local heating and air conditioning contractors and our plumbers are highly skilled and trained to know every brand and the newest technologies. We still know the old school ways and have a lot of experience too. Hutchinson was founded in 1948, and every expertly better technician that works for us continuously adds one hundred hours of additional training to their skill set every year. You will be in good hands with Hutch.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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