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Thornton, PA is an unincorporated community in Delaware County and it spans across three different townships: Concord, Middletown, and Thornbury.  It is approximately thirty miles from Philadelphia’s center city. The Lenni Lenape People were the first inhabitants, using the area for its abundant hunting, fishing, gathering, and farming.

William Penn brought in the Quaker population to the region, and later around the end of the 17th century, George Pearce was one of the major early developers of the area.  As the population grew in Delaware County, the vast raw materials made in various mills were fueling the newly settled and growing communities, including Thornton.

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After 1750, a series of finely crafted houses and business were built establishing Thornton as a beautiful and functional community. Thirteen of those early buildings still stand today as a testament to their design and craftsmanship, each having been named in the National Register of Historic Places. The most notable among those buildings is the famous Yellow House.

Originally conceived as an Inn and tavern, the Yellow House has served as a store, a textile factory, and even a hair salon. It housed a post office that was established there in 1829 until the 1970’s making it the longest continuously operating such facility in the nation.

The Quakers were considered tolerant before the Civil War, and Thornton hosted an abundance of job opportunities which brought many African Americans to the region and helped them to flourish. Famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass made many speeches in the area which is partially attributed to the thriving black community that grew after the Civil War and continues to grow today.

Besides the beautiful historic district, Thornton has beautiful green spaces, family activities, and its locally owned inns and other small businesses offer locals and tourists alike a quaint window into a bygone era.  Hutchinson’s Plumbers and HVAC contractors like the nostalgic feeling you get when you work in Thornton.


Regular maintenance services to your air conditioning and heating systems will do wonders for your appliances and for your home’s comfort. One of Hutchinson’s local contractors can provide an inexpensive alternative to having a major emergency break down the road. If, however, your heating or air conditioning acts up unexpectedly, or if you need a plumber in an emergency, Hutch is always available 24/7 and will get you fixed right away.

Meanwhile, keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter, and 72 in the summer will also be a responsible way to do your ecological part, as well as avoid taxing your HVAC units. Anything you can do to lower your energy bills and to prevent a breakdown of an overworked air conditioning or heating system is worth it.

Our local contractors provide a written, detailed report before we start our work, to let you know which services we will do, and the exact cost. We don’t give any surprises. You know up front. Your safety and comfort are our biggest concern, followed by efficiency.  We will show up with a smile to install a new state of the art HVAC system to a large corporate building, or to change the air filter in your home each month. Trust Hutch for your local services, we are expertly better.

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