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Swarthmore is picturesque borough that is home to an award-winning school district and a premier private university bearing the same name as the town. Originally known as Westdale, after artist Benjamin West, the borough has a population of just over 6,200 residents where approximately 50% have a master’s degree or higher. The suburb lies just twenty miles south of Center City Philadelphia.

Originally settled by Quakers, the borough was founded in 1893 and was originally a farming community. This changed when train service arrived in Westdale, in 1854. This connected Westdale to both Philadelphia and Media, the Delaware County seat. Prior to the Civil War, the Hicksite branch of the Society of Friends had been deliberating on a location to build an institution of higher learning for their children.

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After much debate, they settled on Westdale because of the convenience of the train while remaining outside of Philadelphia’s city limits. Swarthmore College’s campus broke ground in 1866 with classes starting in the fall of 1869. The name of the train station was changed to Swarthmore in 1876. A distinct community began to develop by 1892, complete with shops, a post office, schools, and churches.

Today Swarthmore College is a small private institution that has attained prominence across the board. Five Nobel Prize winners are Swarthmore graduates. The school has also produced eleven MacArthur Foundation fellows, thirty Rhodes Scholars, and twenty-seven Truman Scholars. Swarthmore has been ranked as the best liberal arts college in the United States six times by the U.S. News and World Report. In the publications 2018 edition, the school was ranked 3rd.


For families with primary aged children, Swarthmore borough is also home to a Blue-Ribbon Award high school. Strath Haven High School students SAT scores outperform both state and national averages. The school has also hosted high profile events such as a 2008 town hall meeting by Barack Obama and John McCain.

With such a prestigious record of excellence for the residents here, it is no wonder they reach out to only the best for their HVAC services. There is many reason’s Hutchinson’s fourth generation of expertly better plumbers and contractors are used so often by the people of Swarthmore. Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning maintenance and installations are award winning and well respected in the local tri-state area.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States to give Home Performance Audits giving Energy Star Certifications to qualified homes. It is a Health, Safety and Energy Audit. The main goal of the Energy Star rating is to create a healthy, comfortable environment that reduced your carbon footprint, is more sustainable for the planet’s future and to save you money on heating and air conditioning energy bills through efficiency. It is not only for your HVAC but for every appliance and the overall energy use of your home.

Hutchinson’s local contractor’s services are among the few qualified in the area to do an Energy Star Audit, and we are among the top three companies in the country for completing Energy Star Projects, leaving homes with the prestigious rating. Our plumbers and expertly better HVAC contractors are ready for your call. Every appointment is scheduled for your convenience, and any time will be accommodated.

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