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Springfield Township is a middle-class suburb that sits about 10 miles west of Philadelphia. First recognized in 1686, this pristine community has become an affordable substitute for households looking to leave the rising costs of the city.

Like much of the region, Springfield was originally settled by Quakers who arrived in Pennsylvania with William Penn. Amos land, as it was all called back then, was created as a farming community.

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On December 9, 1687, settlers began laying sturdy oak planks to create the road that is now known as Springfield Road. Then in 1701, they began Baltimore Pike. Some of these boards can still be found under the pike. It was this same year that construction began on the first Quaker meeting house. The structure was lost to fire in 1737 but was reconstructed. The one that stands in its spot was built in 1851.

Industrialization began in Springfield during the 19th century. Mills began popping up, taking advantage of the creeks in the area. By the 20th century, Springfield’s Baltimore Pike had become a flourishing commercial area, one of the busiest outside of Philadelphia. This area earned the name “The Golden Mile” for its many auto dealerships.

The last century has seen most of Springfield’s farmland sold off to developers which helped usher in the single-family home suburb it is today. Residents of Springfield enjoy an array of local dining and shopping in addition to the massive, two-story Springfield Mall. The town has a reputation for being a friendly community with safe and clean neighborhoods.PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES

Hutchinson’s local, expertly better contractors and plumbers are ready to serve the good people of Springfield. We have provided our expert services to families here for many years. Hutchinson’s knows you work hard to provide a nice home for your family, and we understand our role in helping to keep that home running as efficiently as possible. Your safety is the main concern in all of our services, and your ultimate comfort is our goal. With Hutchinson’s regular maintenance, you’ll never have to think about your HVAC or water heater. With proper routine care, you’ll save money and worry.

You can use the free tips we provide in this website and blog until you come to the point where only a professional can get the job finished. Keep up on all of the maintenance you can too. If you don’t have time, we can provide all the maintenance your home needs, some of which you may not realize have been costing you money for years.

Did you know you should replace or rinse your forced-air heating filters monthly, for peak performance? Or that 3” insulation from the ’70s will decrease the efficiency of your HVAC about six percent compared to 12”? It’s the things that can be easily overlooked that can sometimes make a big difference.

There is no need to have the downstairs too hot, just to make the upstairs warm enough to sleep in or reversed for air conditioning in the summer. Your heating and air conditioning can do better! Let us do a quick audit. Our expertly better contractors will let you know exactly what services can get you back on track. Call today for a convenient appointment with one of our local plumbers or HVAC contractors. Our services come with seventy years of family business experience and with a smile.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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