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South Seaville is a part of Dennis Township. It is one of “the eight villages”. It is about four miles long and has t’s own zip code, however the local saying is, “There are no specific set boundary lines for any of the eight villages of Dennis Township!”. As strange as that may sound, it is believable since this area is known mostly for its sense of community and values.

Hutchinson’s plumbing services are also known for being community driven and value based. Our local contractors win awards for our heating and air conditioning services. 

Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors know the area of South Seaville, as we have been helping residents here with plumbing and HVAC installations for many years. Hutchinson’s was founded in 1948. The Quaker meetinghouse in neighboring Seaville is said to have used an outhouse until the 1970’s. We could have helped install that sooner!

South Seaville was built around a major train stop and created a thriving stagecoach business. There were many bay businesses that used these transportation hubs, one of them being “Cape may Salts”, famous grown oysters that were in high demand by Philadelphians. There were also clammers that ran their catch through here.

A large part of South Dennis is a campground. Started as a Methodist Camp Meeting ground, the Victorian style cluster of cottages recently celebrated its 153rd anniversary. The campground is very large today, and was planned as a community, with hundreds of individual lots and small cottages. The plans also included fairgrounds, parks and many podiums for the Christian forest retreat.

Seaville was settled by a man named John Voss. He married his wife here in the Townsend House in 1829. It may have been called Littleworth Meetinghouse then. It was rebuilt in 1873 after a fire. The Voss’s children and grandchildren were engineers and inventors. They are responsible for inventing machines that removed then valuable asbestos from rocks, as well as asbestos shingles, that are still used today. Another Voss invented the steam turbine engine at General Electric. The family built a Masonic temple, and Calvary Baptist Church, as well as a high school. Today a trust in the family name still exists to one day build a regional high school.

A major asset to South Seaville is its farm community. One example is the Jalma Farm. It is an ocean view farm started by Alma George and her husband John in the 1800’s and is still running today. Its special appeal is that is a woman run farm. Today there is a growing trend in female farmers, but Alma VanGilder Waltz George is the fifth generation of Alma to run this farm. Women are a distinct minority in farming, in Cape May County, New Jersey, and the entire country.

Alma’s specialties are plums & berries, but they are “hand farmed” and she even started canning her tomatoes and jams just as her great grandmother did in the 1800’s. Chokeberry is her superfruit jam that is filled with healthy antioxidants. The next time we get a call in the South Seaville area we might bring a batch home.

Keeping families healthy is also part of our business. During our Hutchinson audits, inspections or repair calls we always take a look around to see if there are any dangerous leaks or mold growth. We will look for carbon monoxide issues too, and let you know right away if there is a safety concern with your heating or exhaust systems.

Give us a call 24/7 for emergencies, our local contractors will be right there to help. We can send someone to check the plumbing, install a new faucet or fix your air conditioning. Your HVAC is important to your comfort, let the experts take care of it reasonably.

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