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Somers Point, NJ is the oldest European settlement in Atlantic County. A man named John Somers bought land at the Northern edge of the Great Egg Harbor Bay in 1693. There he started two plantations, the Somers plantation, and the Somerset plantation. He also started the first ferry across the bay to Cape May, rightly named, Somers Ferry. Through the years these places became collectively called, Somers Point.

Somers Point is a favorite of Hutchinson’s local contractors. We are here often, to restore someone’s HVAC system to comfort and efficiency. We are available 24/7 for emergencies, and we make our regular appointment times convenient to your schedule. If you have any plumbing issue or need ac services, give us a call. We will bring our services back to Somers Point any time. We have been doing this locally for seventy years. Hutchinson’s knows the details of these Somers Point homes and their plumbing and HVAC needs.

The borough of Somers Point wasn’t incorporated until 1886, and again in 1890, with a final upgrade to a city status in 1902. The housing district was developing around this time with the major building going on between 1890 and 1935. However, the oldest house in the county again, belongs to a Somers. Richard, who built Somers Mansion around 1720, keeping his family name branded on the town once again.

In the later 1700’s, during the revolutionary war, the residents here were known for being “privateers” a sort of official pirate. They used their knowledge of the waterways to catch the passing shipments, confiscating all of the British supplies and ships by way of a “letter of marquee”. They sold their bounty later at auction.

During the war of 1812, this port was used to get supplies past blockades and help the soldiers in Pennsylvania. There is a stone monument at New Jersey Avenue dedicated to the soldiers who died in the War of 1812 on the port today. There once was a fort there, as the harbor was used as an official US Port of entry for many years.

By 1886, Somers point had its own telegraph service, many businesses and a post office.

Since the historical importance and colonial days passed, the town was mostly built up with small cottages. The homes were trendy in the roaring twenties, and quickly swallowed the colonial feel of the town. The cottages have withstood the test of time and still to this day, remain filled with working folks who enjoy the calm bay water-sports, fishing and recreation.

From the quaint cottages, to local businesses, to the old mansions, Hutchinson’s Plumbing is here to serve Somers Point. Over 10,000 residents here can count on us to take good care of their heating and ac. Our local HVAC contractors are called expertly better because they are trained in all of the newest heating and ac technologies. They also bring the know-how and experience forward from four generations of experts. Hutchinson’s services started in 1948, and have grown to make us the best, and most trusted in the area.

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