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Sicklerville, NJ is a large area, made up of many communities such as Erial and many other unincorporated sections. It is home to over 50,500 residents! We at Hutchinson know this area very well and are ready to send our expertly trained contractors to take care of these nice people whenever they have an HVAC concern, or need plumbing maintenance. Hutchinson’s heating and ac specialists are second to none.

When this vast area that is now Sicklerville was first settled, there was a dense population of pine trees here, as well as cedar trees. This led to a charcoal trade, because charcoal was made from the large pines. 

Christopher, Jacob and John Zeigler came to the US from Germany in 1754 and raised their families in these forests. By 1800 they had changed their family name to Sickler, the reasons are unclear. One of the children, John Sickler built the first cabin here, out of the cedar wood around the year 1800.

Philadelphia’s demand for the charcoal to smelt iron soon clear cut the forests and the Sickler’s started a farming community on the land. They started the first Methodist church in 1837 with their own land and in 1865 Paul opened the general store, marking the area for growth. In 1872, when the Williamstown Branch of the Philadelphia and Atlantic Railroad went through southern New Jersey, a railroad station was erected and called “Sicklertown”. Sicklertown became an active stop, and the area was ready for business.

Two years later, Paul Sickler opened the first Post Office inside of his general store and the sign out front read Sicklerville. People also called it Waretown for another affluent family here, but that name faded and the Sickler name held strong. Known by all three names for a number of years, finally the name of Sicklerville was permanently adopted. Sicklerville is currently part of Winslow Township. Hutchinson’s has been providing services in the local area since 1948.

Today, the residents of the quiet and comfortable suburban setting of Sicklerville rely on Hutchinson to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Southern NJ, has its hottest months in July and August, and it’s coldest in December and January. With temperatures reaching record highs and lows in the last fifteen years, these residents are staying prepared with our maintenance plans.

Hutchinson is proud to offer our “Expertly Better” heating & plumbing services to the residents of Sicklerville and all of its small communities.  Check our free informational articles about how to prevent your pipes from freezing in low temperatures, and how to conserve ac energy bills in the summer. We are more than happy to prove to you why you can trust Hutchinson with all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs.

We are proud recipients of the Courier Post’s BEST Heating and Cooling Service Award. We also received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Our contractors are ready to get your HVAC repaired or maintained for all four seasons. Call today!

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