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Shiloh, NJ is a small borough in Cumberland County New Jersey with just over five hundred residents. The town wasn’t incorporated until 1929, however, it was founded in 1705. In the early years, Shiloh went by the name of Cohansey Corners.

At the turn of the century to the1700’s, Seventh Day Baptist families were under threat of religious prosecution and fled Rhode Island.  Some early Baptist settlers cleared the way and made the area known to their friends.

You can still find their memorials at the cemetery here. The Baptist assemblage found safety and solace in this area, so they purchased the land and began their own community. Two thousand people came with Robert Ayers and started the town.

Cohansey corners were quite large and eventually, it was split into two townships in 1748 as Cumberland County was formed. One was Stow Creek and Hopewell was the other township created. In 1837 the Board of Freeholders created Columbia Township.  The splitting and confusion ended when the center of town was finally officially deemed Shiloh in 1929 with solid borough boundaries. They named it after a military action of the Civil War called The battle of Shiloh.

Today you can still attend the Shiloh Baptist Church and feel happy after their beautiful services. You can take in the view of the farms, and new ARC greenhouses. Feel free to spend the day visiting a winery, but the rest of the township is dry and doesn’t serve alcohol. Hutchinson’s services are perfect for the new business complexes springing up around Shiloh. Our heating and air conditioning services are perfect for your office as well as your home.

Keep Hutchinson’s number on the refrigerator or in your phone, because we are ready to help in the event of any plumbing or HVAC emergency. We are also convenient for non-emergency calls, like installing that new faucet to surprise your wife.

We schedule our service calls around your convenience, not ours. Customer satisfaction is very high on our list and therefore get it right the first time. Our local contractors are considered expertly better, and our heating and air conditioning services are guaranteed.

Our local contractors provide a written, detailed report before we start to let you know which services we will do, and the exact cost. We don’t give any surprises. You know up front. We also do a quick check of things that will help your plumbing and HVAC work better but can wait until a later date.

We will only list the exact things that must be done immediately for your safety and to get you running again, and let you decide when the other services can fit into your budget. We also will let you know if there are any hazards you need to be aware of, such as asbestos, gas leaks or mold. Your safety and comfort is our biggest concern, followed by efficiency.

We will show up with a smile to install a new state of the art HVAC system to a large corporate building, or to change the air filter in your home each month. We also offer financing, and stay on budget. Trust Hutch.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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