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Sharon Hill is a tiny borough in eastern Delaware County. This largely residential community has a population of 6,300 residents and is approximately a thirty-minute drive away from Center City Philadelphia. This former farming region was originally home to the Lenni Lenape People.

Most of the surroundings remained underdeveloped until 1872 when the railroad was laid through the area to bring travelers from Philadelphia and Baltimore. Two roads, one being the current Chester Pike, were built next, leading to more homesteads being built in the area. Chester Pike was once a well-used trail made by the Lenni Lenape.

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Sharon Hill was incorporated in 1890, separating it from Darby Township. The new borough’s name was derived from “The Sharon Estate”, a seventy-five-acre home belonging to Halliday Jackson, a Quaker immigrant. Jackson’s ancestors had traveled to Pennsylvania from Ireland in the early 1700s. Jackson’s son, John was the founder of the Sharon Female Seminary in the early 1800s, which is now occupied by the Academy Park High School.

Present day Sharon Hill is a peaceful community with many families having lived there for generations. Hutchinson’s Plumbing also enjoys working in the local area, which we have done for four generations of plumbers and HVAC contractors.

Today residents here can take advantage of low housing prices and families still know that it is a safe, friendly community where they can feel comfortable with their children playing outside. Families with children are serviced by the Southeast Delco School District. The school district was formed by merging several smaller districts together. Residents are able to take advantage of the chain establishments that have set up in town, as well as local mom-and-pop style shops. Mostly, the residents enjoy the proximity they have to both Philadelphia and Wilmington along with the cultural and social activities that these metro areas have to offer.


Hutchinson’s HVAC contractors are here for the residents of Sharon Hill. If you have any questions about your heating and air conditioning, now is a great time to ask them. Also, inquire about our maintenance services before something breaks down. We also love to give customers helpful tips.

Did you ever think that placing your television set or lamp near your thermostat would waste energy? It can create a false temperature reading, keeping your HVAC system running too long and costing you more money. Every degree of overheating or cooling your home can cause three percent added to your energy bills each month. Our maintenance services can make a world of difference.

Just that simple thing can mean a considerable sum for your budget. Another quick check is the thickness of your insulation, that can save a lot of money over the years. Also, keeping a ceiling fan running will circulate the heating and air conditioning and you’ll feel it on your skin, minimizing the temperature needed to feel cool or warm.

You can find out more heating and air conditioning tips here on our Hutchbiz website. Do you have a question? Feel free to give us a call. Our expertly better contractors are knowledgeable on just about every make and model of heating and air conditioning equipment. Our local plumbers have seventy years of collective experience, passed down generation after generation, and that is built upon every single year.

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