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Sewell, NJ is a small residential community located within Mantua Township. Named for the United States Senator, William Joyce Sewell, this unincorporated neighborhood is just thirty minutes south east of Philadelphia.

While much isn’t known about the history of Sewell, Mantua Township’s recorded history dates to 1812 when there were just sixteen dwellings here. Sewell is noted for containing the last operational green-sand mine in the world. Green Sand is found in parts of South Eastern NJ that was under the sea. It became used as a fertilizer in the 1800’s and many pits were dug.

The Inversand Marl Pit has become renowned with paleontologists across the globe for its fossil discoveries. The first digs began in 1926 when mining operations and paleontological research both began there. They were hoping for another dinosaur like they found in nearby Haddonfield.

Between 2005 and 2009, Dr. Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University, and his team from Argentina, discovered two toe bones and a pair of vertebrae from the tail of a Dreadnoughtus schrani, which is believed to way about 65 tons. Since 2012, the pit has offered an annual Dig Day where visitors of all ages learn about the site’s historical importance and observe Drexel students work in the excavation area.

Sewell may have its ancient history, but the town keeps itself connected to modern ages by being the home of Rowan College at Gloucester County and to the Gloucester County Institute of Technology. The community is also part of the Tall Pines State Preserve, a one hundred eleven acre nature preserve that’s been open since 2015.

Hutchinson Plumbing also recognizes the value of preservation and environmental awareness. We are certified by the Department of Environmental Protection to complete thorough Energy Star Home energy audits. An inspection can provide you peace of mind, as well as the best recommendations for HVAC efficiency that are available today. We’ll show you the most state of the art options or tweak your heating or AC system to be its absolute best.

Hutchinson’s local contractors install new, state of the art HVAC systems that qualify for an official rating. The Energy Star is a rating of ninety percent energy efficiency. That not only keeps you more comfortable, and your carbon footprint minimal, but it save lots of utility money. When you upgrade or convert your older heating or AC system to a high rated energy saving system you typically save at least ten percent on your heating bills, while lowering your energy footprint. You can also have your ac qualify for the SEER (Seasonal energy efficiency ratio) saving another four percent.

Hutchinson’s services are more than just brand new systems. We can repair the older units and maintain the best efficiency you can get from your trusty older unit. Check out our maintenance suggestions too.

Our local contractors are expertly better when it comes to fixing your plumbing. We have seventy years under our tool belt in fixing all aspects of plumbing, from boilers to faucet filters. Call Hutchinson, 24/7 for the best services.

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