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Over the last century, Sea Isle City, NJ has grown from a small fishing village into one of the premier vacation destinations along the New Jersey Shore. Its pristine beaches and peaceful meadows are a haven for sportsmen and nature lovers alike. Located on Ludlam Island, most of the town’s housing is made of vacation rentals and second homes. With a full-time population of 2,100, the town swells to about 40,000 during its peak season. We love being a part of the home openings and providing our plumbing maintenance services.

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Charles K. Landis founded Sea Isle City in 1882 and he is who the town’s main street is named after. After several shipwrecks off the island, Landis requested a lighthouse to be built. Constructed in 1885, the original location of the lighthouse was in Sea Isle City, however it was later converted into a private home.

The Friends of the Ludlam Lighthouse unsuccessfully attempted to raise funds to save the building from demolition. The structure was torn down in 2010 to make way for new residential developments. The oldest building in the town today is the Colonnade Inn. Built in 1883, this old-style Victorian hotel serves as the only marker of the city’s rich architectural past.

Sea Isle City is a prime summer destination. At the heart of the community is a one-and-a-half-mile-long oceanfront Promenade, running alongside white sandy beaches. What makes this boardwalk unique is how uncrowded it is. Visitors enjoy the ability to stroll the shops and restaurants without the hectic atmosphere that is found in other area boardwalks. During the summer months, concerts are a popular attraction at the Pavilion.

Events that are hosted annually include the Sarah the Turtle Festival and a polar bear plunge. The festival is named after a fictional turtle named Sara and is aimed at families with young children. It features live animal exhibits and face painting and was created to educate children about the local environment. The Polar Bear Plunge is hosted every February where over a thousand participants jump into the icy ocean waters for charity.
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This beautiful town offers a wide array of entertainment options including wonderful restaurants, notable historical sites, and exciting outdoor recreational events. Take a stroll along the famous oceanfront promenade or just enjoy sunsets that will take your breath away. Sea Isle City has a loyal following of families who return to town generation after generation to relive happy days gone by and create new memories that will be treasured for years to come. Hutchinson ensures the maximum home comfort of these families by delivering excellent options for energy-saving heating and air conditioning services.

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