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There are several conflicting theories about the origin of the name Runnemede. This borough of over 8,500 people in Southern NJ had its beginnings around Big Timber Creek. Many think this shows that it was named after the native American Lenni Lenape word for “running water”, Others claim it was for Runnemede, England which was named for a water meadow. There was General George Meade to which some make a connection, yet others say it was a tavern chant “Rum we need!”.


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With all of the confusion, we would be happy to accept any of these scenarios, as long as we can remain the most reliable heating and ac contractors in the area. In 1926 the borough was officially named Runnemede, and we may never know why.

We do know that John Ashford was the very first settler here, and they still have a copy of his will, written in 1727, on display. Two hundred years later you can see a 1928 photograph of his boat dock, still being used at “Ashbrook’s Landing” next to the Clement’s bridge. We often send our HVAC contractors down Clements Bridge Road to our happy customers in Runnemede. We also cross the bridge to Deptford, and we serve the residents along the Black Horse Pike when they need their heater fixed.

There is a book written on the History of Runnemede that has information dating back to 1626. That was a long time ago, before anyone required HVAC or a plumber, but since 1948 our contractors have been keeping Runnemede maintained and unclogged. We are the proud recipients of the Courier Post’s BEST Heating and Cooling Services Award.

We also received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Our contractors are ready to get your HVAC repaired or maintained for all four seasons. Check our free informational articles about how to prevent your pipes from freezing in low temperatures, and how to conserve ac energy bills in the summer.

Runnemede, NJ has always been full of hard working, neighborly people. There is a local story about a fire that started in a 100 chicken hen house, kept on the front porch of a home here in 1910. While the house blazed, the community came together carrying buckets of water until they got the fire out. The house still stands today.

The very next night the neighbors held a meeting and started the Hope Fire Company, with nothing but their own donations. That is the kind of caring we try to bring to the communities we serve. We can keep your heater and ac in tip top maintenance, so that you can sleep safe and sound.

This quiet borough in Camden County is also the headquarters of Mister Softee, one of the largest franchisors of soft-serve ice cream in the United States, since 1958 since they outgrew their Philadelphia office. Hutchinson’s is more than proud to help our neighbors in Runnemede with all of their HVAC needs. You can trust a Hutchinson plumber to leave you extremely satisfied with our award-winning “expertly better” services and professional knowledge.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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