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Roebling, NJ was formed as 1.2-square-mile community in the 2010 United States Census. Before 2010 it was Florence-Roebling, a “CDP” community, designated by a census poll and not incorporated.  It falls in Florence Township, NJ. Roebling now has its own population of just over 3,700. Hutchinson’s is proud to provide plumbing and HVAC services to all of these residents. The town features picturesque streets lined with 100-year-old row homes.

Charles Roebling was the son of John A. Roebling, a German born, American civil engineer. Charles founded the Roebling Steel Mill for which the town was named. The Roebling Mill provided the steel for such landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as two bridges engineered by his father, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Niagara Falls Suspension Bridge. In addition, the mill was also credited for providing the elevator cables for the Empire State Building and the Washington Monument. A statue of Charles Roebling can be found at the 5th and Main Street Circle.

The steel forged here was world renowned, and unfortunately caused an environmental problem for our local area. The waste created soil and groundwater contamination and was quickly turned into s superfund site, which continues to be cleaned up. Despite the plant closing in 1974, this New Jersey community has reinvented itself into a modest tourist attraction, built around the American steel story.

The Roebling Historical Society partnered with the Environmental Protection Agency to turn the once dilapidated mill into the Roebling Museum. In addition to preserving the history of Roebling Mill, the popular museum also offers local exhibits and programs that interest the public and serves as a valuable resource for academic research. In recent years, the museum has offered exhibits about the Titanic and the Battle of Gettysburg. The museum has also added livelier events such as festivals and car shows.

Hutchinson’s local HVAC contractors are also partnered with the environmental protection agency, providing Energy Star audits and energy efficiency upgrades. Our plumbing, heating and air conditioning services are top notch, and our training is constantly updated, and we are always on track with the latest technology.

Ask us about a home assessment today. We can quickly let you know if your heating system is efficient or if there is a better way. Your utility bills can be reduced significantly with our air conditioning services and we are sure you’ll be more than pleased with their new performance. Hutchinson’s contractors can tweak and improve your current equipment’s performance with general maintenance, or we can plan an entire new state of the art system made just for your home or business needs.

In 2011, Roebling enrolled in the Preserve America program, which supports community efforts to “preserve and enjoy” the heritage of the community. First Lady, Michelle Obama helped seal the dedication. Visitors to Roebling, NJ can take a trolley tour of the city, or take a walking tour offered by the museum. The community has seen visitors from not just the immediate area, but from as far away as Australia and Japan.

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