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Rio Grande, NJ is an unincorporated community located in Cape May County. Most of this community resides within Middle Township, however, there is a small section at the southern edge of the Lower Township that also belongs to Rio Grande. With a population today of nearly 2,700, the community is part of the Ocean City Metropolitan Statistical Area. The community is known for its quiet atmosphere and is perfect for those who want to escape the busy tourist areas.

Visitors can however enjoy wine tours and tastings at Hawk Haven Vineyard and Winery. The land began as a dairy farm in 1940 and the first vineyard was planted in 1997. While the vineyard has won numerous awards for their variety of wines, the most notable award was for their Cabernet Franc. The flavorful red wine received the Governor’s Cup and a gold medal at the 2016 NJ Wine Competition. You can sit and enjoy a glass of wine and learn about the area’s history.

During the colonial period, Aaron Leaming, and the Hildreth family owned plantations in the area. He was a thirty-year assemblyman and author. A stage coach terminal was set up on King’s Highway and that spot he owned became the trade hub for the local farming communities. This town still provide much of the staple shopping areas for the coastal towns surrounding it. However, some of the history of Rio Grande varies on the historian.

Jeffrey M. Dorwat has said that the community was originally called Hildreth because of the other owner. However, George Boyer and J. Pearson Cunningham dispute this claim saying that the area was originally known as Leamings, as they were also prominent land owners. They also wrote that it was Aaron Leaming that suggested they name Rio Grande after the river, as he believed it had an attractive name.

Hutchinson’s also thinks Rio Grande is a great name, for a town full of good, hard working people. Many people who live in Rio Grande have a lot of their work get busy during the seasonal rush. In the hustle and bustle of keeping an area like the Jersey shore up and running, people can lose track of their own home’s maintenance needs. Most people don’t think about a plumber or their water heater until something goes terribly wrong.

Something so important to your daily quality of life should not be left without routine maintenance. Hutchinson’s experienced local contractors can come do a quick, inexpensive check on your plumbing and HVAC systems today. If you have a faucet leak or need a filter changed, why wait until it is an emergency? We can send a plumber right now.

Check out our tips on this site for routine things that you can do at home without our HVAC help, and then when you are ready or become aware of a more complicated issue, let us know. Our local contractors come out when it’s convenient for you, we work around your hours. We at Hutchinson’s are always available for a heating, ac or plumbing emergency. Call for services 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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