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The Borough of Ridley Park is a quaint suburban Philadelphia community that was incorporated in 1887. Founded as a summer resort for wealthy Philadelphians, the town has become an attractive family community with safe neighborhoods, community events, and beautiful green space for residents to enjoy.

Ridley Park does also have a modern pop culture claim to fame. In the 2012 film, Silver Linings Playbook, Ridley Park serves as the backdrop. While never outright mentioned, a law enforcement officer in the film can be seen wearing “RPFD” on his collar. The film was nominated for eight Academy Awards, taking the Best Actress category in a win for Jennifer Lawrence.

Like much of the region, Ridley Park was originally inhabited by the Lenape Indian tribe that existed centuries before European settlers began to arrive. These Native Americans are, in large part, responsible for the layout of the land as much of their network of paths turned into the area’s first roads. One of those long-walked footpaths became Chester Pike, which was known then as Queens Highway. In 1777, General George Washington and his troops used this road in route to Wilmington and then later to Brandywine.

Named by Declaration of Independence, signer John Morton, the village shares its moniker with a town in Cheshire, England. Morton, born in 1725 in Ridley Township was raised in a log cabin next to East Ridley Avenue. Later, he replaced the cabin with a brick home and began farming his acreage. Morton turned his attention to politics at the age of thirty and was served on the body of the Pennsylvania Assembly for eighteen terms. In 1765, Morton began representing PA in the Stamp Act Congress in New York. In 1967, a historical marker was erected at the site of his birth.

In 1871, Isaac Hinckley, the President of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad, founded what is present-day Ridley Park. Wanting to duplicate the success of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Hinckley wanted to create tracks that would pass through Darby and into Chester. Hinckley hired Boston landscape architect, Robert Morris Copeland to plan the suburban community which served as a summer getaway for affluent families living in the city. Many of the Victorian homes built during that time are still standing in Ridley Park’s Historic District.

Now having well over 7,000 residents now, Ridley Park is known for its sense of community, the Ridley Creek State Park nearby as well as the local restaurants and nightlife. Hutchinson’s local plumbers and HVAC contractors are always coming to this lively neighborhood. We take pride in helping keep the families of Ridley comfortable in their homes.

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