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Here at Hutchinson, we take great pride in maintaining our relationship with our community and customers. We are proud to offer our “Expertly Better” service to the residents of Richland. Whenever you need maintenance on your HVAC or a plumber to get there fast, call Hutch.

Our services are guaranteed, so we do them right the first time. Our plumbers have been highly trained with four generations of expert knowledge, as well as continuously adding new education of every HVAC technology or brand that arises. You can be assured that your heating and air conditioning will run more efficiently and keep you comfortable if one of our contractors works on it.

Richland, NJ is a hidden gem deep in the woods of the Pinelands. It is an unincorporated community in Buena Vista Township. Richland is considered a village in the Pines, it was built by the Richland Improvement Company in 1888. It is located in the Pinelands National Reserve.

It sits at the junction of the former West Jersey and Reading Railroads, built to bring passengers to Cape May in 1863. By 1894, the little railway was bringing the local farm goods and freight across the nation. Pennsylvania Railroad’s high-speed line was also called West Jersey as well as the Seashore Railroad. Reading Railroad was also called the “Steel Speedway” and Atlantic City Railroad. Regardless of what you called them, they came to a juncture here, and the town has developed a train legacy around it.

In 1933, the railroads merged to form the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines, but the passenger services stopped its pick-ups in Richland shortly after, in 1935. Though freight continued to go through, eventually the Richland Depot was removed in the 1960’s. Today you can see a scale model of the depot, where the Cape May Seashore Lines currently run.

These days they only run excursion trains, and you can take a thirty-mile round trip, sightseeing ride to Tuckahoe. There was a similar ride to Cape May and to Historic Cold Spring Village that may resume services one day, but there was some trouble in 2012 with vandals and missing track.

When the Hutchinson’s expert local contractors are finished with a busy day of plumbing, heating and air conditioning repair services, they might stop and see Santa! You can take the Santa Express, the Fall Foliage Tour or the Winter Express ride. You can also catch a small tour during the Richmond Festival each year.

Richland is best known for its fertile farmlands that among others, put the “garden” in the Garden State. The area is noted for its tomatoes, corn, peppers, and especially for their mint.

Dalponte Farms, one of the largest mint farms in the nation lives here, provides Bacardi with mint to produce their trademark Mojito Rum drink.

It was in honor of this relationship that Bacardi assisted the community in changing the town’s name to “Mojito” for two weeks in May 2004. They even changed the highway signs on Route 40 to say Mojito, NJ. In exchange for the advertising and photo opportunities, the company gave five thousand dollars towards Richland’s recreational projects.

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