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Richboro, PA is “The bear to the end of time”. The town was lovingly called “The Bear” for many years, and also called Addisville if you wanted to be proper. The town had two taverns, the White Bear Hotel, and the Black Bear Hotel.

The White Bear Hotel was built by Enoch Addis in 1793. He advertised it to be fit for men or for beasts. The Black Bear Hotel was started by the Leedoms family and was first called “The sign of the Bare” in 1762. 

Visitors soon came to know the place as “the bears” or “Beartown”, and soon the two little emerging villages merged, one side calling the town Addisville after Enoch of the White Bear or Leedomville after William’s Black Bear.

The popularity of both Inns kept going throughout the revolutionary war, and long afterward with Republicans holding their meetings in the White Bear, and the Democrats frequenting the Black Bear. In 1830 Enoch Addis passed away and the post office changed the town name to Richborough, which was shortened later for ease of use. Richboro is said to be named for Rich Thomas, the first postmaster here.

The Black Bear Hotel no longer exists, but the White Bear’s building was called the Spread Eagle Inn until just recently. Another local Richboro building is the Bennet-Search House, also called Hampton Hill, built in 1744. Richboro is a long loved, historic town and Hutchinson’s Plumbing loves to do business here. Our plumbing contractors often travel to a heating and air conditioning call using the same roads as the historical figures who stayed in the Bears Inns had used.  If you have a grand old historic business like the Spread Eagle Inn or a brand-new home, you can count on Hutchinson for your HVAC services.

Our professional, expertly better heating and air conditioning contractors provide emergency services 24/7, whenever you need us. If you have a plumbing or HVAC issue, we know how to repair it, and we will get it right, the first time. We guarantee our work because we know our contractors are the best in the business.

You can rely on our four generations of expert training being incorporated into all of our technician’s qualifications. In addition to getting all of the technical HVAC training and up to date plumbing certifications required to work with us, we also have every heating and air conditioning contractor complete one hundred plus hours of training each and every year to stay on top of their game. We always know how to properly complete your services quickly and competently, always with a smile. Hutchinson’s plumbing professionals are always clean, prepared, on time, courteous and expertly better.

Hutchinson’s also is certified as official Energy Star Project Contractors. We work with the Environmental Protection Agency and Energy Department’s standards to bring your home an official Energy Star Rating. That rating saves you money on energy bills, makes your home more comfortable and efficient, lowers your carbon footprint and can earn state incentives. Ask us about having your home audited today!

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