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Princeton, NJ may be best known for their Ivy League University bearing the same name, but there is far more to the city than its prestigious school. This pristine community not only has a rich history but is also a vital center for culture and entertainment. Ranked 15th in the top 100 places to live by Money Magazine, this pristine community has much to offer.

The history of begins like much of the region with the Lenni Lenape Native Americans inhabiting the area. In 1683, Englishman Henry Greenland, settled here building a home and a tavern that are believed to be the first within city limits. Greenland’s home and tavern became known as “the house of accommodations” because it was not only a home, but a gathering for local officials. After six Quaker families purchased over a thousand acres, Princeton began to grow.

In January of 1777, this agricultural community would be rocked by the Revolutionary War. General George Washington led the Continental Army to defeat British troops in The Battle of Princeton. American historians have considered this and the Battle of Trenton to be pivotal, as these victories allowed American forces to gain control of most of NJ.

Princeton University, founded in 1764, is not only the fourth oldest school in the nation, but also one of the most elite. The campus sits on approximately five hundred acres and is considered to be one of America’s most beautiful campuses. Many of the original buildings were built in High Victorian Gothic and Romanesque Revival styles, but most have been replaced with the Collegiate Gothic style it is known for today.

Princeton University’s academics speak for themselves. For the past sixteen years, the Ivy League university has ranked either first or second in the nation according to U.S. News & World Report. Princeton is the first university to eliminate loans for all students who qualify for financial aid and their graduates exit with the least amount of debt.

We at Hutchinson, also take pride in our education. We have over seventy years of experience and give intense HVAC training to all of our talented local contractors. Our plumbers provide award winning services too. They all receive over one hundred hours of additional heating and air conditioning training every single year that they work with us.

This training and experience makes Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning services second to none. We are also accredited to give energy star audits, to rate and improve your HVAC systems for energy savings. We are ranked the third in the nation for having the most Energy Star completed projects with the Environmental Protection Agency. We also have an expert plumber ready to help your emergency 24/7, just call! Hutchinson’s local contractors fit in just right with the culture  of Princeton.

The town of Princeton is recognized as a culturally diverse and safe community. In addition to the stately homes, the city prides itself on having an affordable housing program to offer incoming and existing residents. In addition to the natural, semi-wooded beauty of the area, the town offers premium shopping, dining, and an array of cultural events and attractions.

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