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Princeton Junction, NJ is a small unincorporated community within the affluent West Windsor Township. Their name comes from hosting the Amtrak and New Jersey Transit rail stations. The history of the area dates back to 1634 when an English captain, Thomas Yong, began trade with the Lenni Lenape tribe that inhabited Princeton Junction. In 1682 the Lenape tribe sold vast portions to the Europeans under the William Penn treaties.

During the late 20th century the area experienced a housing boom. What had been a primarily agricultural place, was now undergoing dramatic changes. In 1999, The New York Times wrote that this Township has grown “into a sprawl of expensive houses in carefully groomed developments, and home to nearly 20,000 people,” over the past thirty years. Hutchinson has provided many local contractors and HVAC services to the residents of Princeton Junction and West Windsor Township.

Princeton Junction’s pop culture claim to fame is thanks to Orson Welles. Welles produced a radio drama based on H.G. Wells book, War of the Worlds. This Welles drama informed his audience that alien spacecraft had landed in Grover’s Mill, located in West Windsor. The broadcast was so convincing, many listening believed they were listening to a real news report and became hysterical. There is now a monument near Grover’s Mill Pond at Van Nest Park to commemorate the broadcast.

When you need a plumber, sometimes it feels like an emergency, like the aliens landing in the broadcast. No worries, a skilled plumber from Hutchinson can be on their way to help, and are available to you 24/7. If it’s not an emergency our local contractors will still come at your convenience, around your schedule. Hutchinson’s HVAC services and plumbers are always available for you at your convenience.

We are happy to repair or evaluate your heating system or your ac for efficiency and safety. We also install new HVAC systems all the time. You can get an Energy Star Audit if you are ready for a new ac or heating service. The audits are designed by the Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program (“HpwES”).  

This audit could save you a lot of money, and give you special incentives in New Jersey. It also evaluates you homes health and safety score. Hutchinson’s services can help keep your whole family safe and comfortable, no matter the season. Our local contractors are expertly trained to get it right the first time. Our courteous professionals are always improving, continuously learning new skills for a minimum of one hundred hours each year they work for us. Our local contractor’s services win awards, just like Princeton Junction students.

Students are part of a combined school district with Plainsboro Township creating the West Winsor-Plainsboro Regional School District. As one of the top achieving districts in NJ, the high schools rank continuously between first and fifth place in many of the state’s rankings. Three of the schools have received the highest honor for American schools, the National Blue Ribbon Schools Program for Academic Excellence.

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