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Point Pleasant Beach is a popular family-friendly beach destination that is conveniently located on the NJ Shore and is about an hour’s drive from both Philadelphia and New York City. The beach has been ranked one of the Top 10 Best Beaches in NJ by the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium.

Originally inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Indians, the first European settlers arrived during the 1700s and were fishermen and farmers by trade. 

Tourism began in the early 1800s when Thomas Cook Jr. opened his farmhouse to boarders. Soon, other families began booking guests at a fee of eight to twelve dollars a week for room and board and usually included meals and a ride through the fields to the beach. In 1870, Captain John Arnold purchased land and built a roadway to the ocean and he pressured Central Jersey Railroad to extend its service to Pt. Pleasant Beach. The first passenger train rolled into town on July 3, 1880.

Over the next decade, tourism boomed. A beautiful four-story, two hundred guest Resort House was built in 1878 and was the largest building in town. Half a dozen other hotels began to pop up in the area. The original amusement area, Clark’s Landing featured a merry-go-round with a steam organ and ice cream making machine. The first permanent boardwalk was established in 1915 and ran between Philadelphia and Central Avenues. In the late 1920s, Orlo Jenkinson built Jenkinson’s Pavilion and Swimming Pool.

Today’s boardwalk and Jenkinson’s Pavilion are a pair of the premier destinations along the Jersey Shore. The expansive boardwalk offers locals and tourists games, rides, vendors, and the popular Jenkinson’s Aquarium. The boardwalk plays host to major events and concerts throughout the summer season, making this mile-long attraction one you can’t miss.

Point Pleasant Beach is also renowned for the mom-and-pop shops along Bay and Arnold Avenues. Shoppers strolling along the picturesque street are greeted by dozens of beach themed storefronts featuring home furnishings, fashion, antiques, and local eateries. Don’t be surprised if you see one of Hutchinson’s brightly colored vans parked nearby after or during a call. Our plumbers and HVAC contractors like coming here and enjoying the scenery.

There is a certain joyful feeling you get when you visit Point Pleasant. Our job is to ensure residents get to keep that calm comfortable feeling in their homes and businesses. If your heating or air conditioning unit is not working properly you can get uncomfortable fast. It goes without saying that if you have plumbing issues, it can ruin your day quickly. No worries! Hutchinson’s local plumbers and HVAC contractors are at your service.

Our services are available 24/7 and we make every appointment for non-emergency issues at your convenience. We work to your schedule. Ask your neighbors why they always call Hutch for their heating and air conditioning issues. Our customers always repeat, and many do for generations. Our family business is in its fourth generation of providing expertly better, local services. We know how to get it right, the first time.

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