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Pleasantville, NJ has 20,000 residents that Hutchinson’s plumbers and local contractors care for. We provide the best heating and air conditioning services in the area, in fact, we are considered the “expertly better” HVAC service provider. Pleasantville was named as a borough in 1889 but continued to grow and was officially deemed a city in 1914. Pleasantville is also known for the film about teens getting trapped in a tv show about a 1950’s town. That is a Midwestern Pleasantville. New Jersey’s Pleasantville is much more pleasant in real life.

This area was first settled by Europeans as small community villages scattered around the great Egg harbor River and Lakes Bay. Many Whalers and shell fishers called this place home.

People often passed through the town on the way to Atlantic City from Philadelphia, when the railroad was built. There was also a heavily traveled stagecoach service through here, so it became a well-used stop. Eventually the small villages of Mt. Pleasant, Pleasantville, Risleyville and Smith’s Landing merged into what is today called Pleasantville.

In 1903 a trolley service made an easy route from this part of the mainland to the Atlantic City’s beaches and Somers Point.

Main Street grew along with the popularity of shopping here, while vacationing there. The city became well known for its boxing fame, it was home to the famous Byrd’s gym that trained many famous athletes in the 1940’s to the 1960’s. The city flourished and grew until the advent of the highways.

Eventually the city’s businesses were hurt by the resulting urban sprawl. Today the city is in transition there are a lot of revitalization programs in conjunction with Atlantic City’s plan to recreate itself. Pleasantville has many incentives to attract new business and employers. They are part of an urban enterprise zone where customers and merchants benefit from a reduced tax rate of only 3.43%, which is half the tax the rest of the state endures.

Hutchinson’s has been working with local homes and businesses for generations. Since 1948, to be exact, the Hutchinson brothers started their business with a cigar box full of their savings, $35.00. It was post WWII and they called the business Hutchinson Engineering. They started with plumbing and any odd job that needed to be done, fixing a window or yard clean up too. They became the local plumbing specialists by 1954 so they edited the name from engineering to plumbing. In less than ten years they were the biggest and best in town, and the plumbers grew into HVAC specialists as the technology grew with them.

Hutchinson is planning on being an important part of keeping Pleasantville in working order. We will be here installing, fixing and maintaining HVAC systems and taking care of resident’s plumbing needs. We also send plumbers to local businesses who need services, and our contractors handle many corporate heating and air conditioning plans. Let us be a part of your plan too. You can call on Hutch 24/7, for any leak or heating & cooling emergency. We also schedule all of our visits to fit your schedule and your convenience. Your comfort is why we get repeat business, because we do it right the first time. Guaranteed!

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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