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Pitman, NJ, may be a small borough of just under 10,000, but it offers a unique history and an abundance of entertainment options for current residents and tourists alike.

The town originated in 1871 by taking portions of Mantua and Glassboro Townships to create a Methodist summer camp. The land became known as “Pitman Grove,” named after Reverend Charles Pitman, a Methodist pastor and missionary secretary. The first homes built here, were for ministers and their families. They were inhabited during the summer months only.

After some time had passed, summer residents began staying year-round and by 1886 nearly four hundred cottages were present. Because of the permanence of the population, an ordinance was passed to expand development, allowing for the town’s first public school to open. Residents began to grow upset about their lack of autonomy and began pushing for incorporation which was completed on May 24,1905. The Pitman Grove portion of Pitman Borough is on both the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places as a focal point of religious activity.

There are reminders of the town’s religious roots throughout. In the heart of Pitman is Camp Meeting Auditorium which is located on the literally named Circle Avenue. Twelve other avenues are connected to Circle Ave branching out like spokes on a wheel. Each of these avenues represent one of the disciples of Christ.

Pitman is a dry town with a few caveats. While they have no liquor stores and no liquor licenses are issued, the town has allowed wine by the glass to be sold from local vineyards and they have an annual craft beer festival in the summer.

The beautiful uptown district brings residents together with shops, fine dining, live music, and the famed Broadway Theater. The Vaudeville era theater has been fully restored to its original beauty and at one time hosted the likes of Bob Hope. Today it serves as a home to musical theater productions, children’s plays, and national touring acts.

With so many fun things to do, in such a great atmosphere, it is no wonder that Hutchinson’s expert contractors love to take service calls here. Keep an eye out for one of Hutchinson’s brightly colored HVAC vans cruising around the circle, or helping with the plumbing at one of the shops. Pitman is full of our local neighbors and we have been servicing this area for seventy years. If you have a heating or air conditioning issue, Hutchinson is available 24/7.

We provide superior plumbing services, from a small leak to a flooded basement. You can count on Hutch. We can get your HVAC ready for the winter’s deep freeze and install a water saving toilet while we are there. Our services have a wide range.

We can help you plan your new addition or get you certified as an Energy Star, to earn state grant money as well as save on utilities. Your family’s comfort at home should come first, and Hutchinson can help. A simple maintenance call can improve your air conditioning’s efficiency in many cases.

Cleaning ductwork, unblocking vents, adjusting an angle or adding insulation can keep your top floor as cool as your ground floor. The same can affect your heating, and your energy bills. It’s worth it to give us a call and schedule a convenient appointment. Our local contractors will show up with a smile and respect.

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