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Pilesgrove Township is a residential and farming community in the north-central part of Salem County, New Jersey. Bordered by Alloway and Carneys Point, Pilesgrove completely surrounds the borough of Woodstown, which serves as the commercial core of the Pilesgrove – Woodstown doughnut towns. It may be oddly shaped, but it is a charming community.

Pilesgrove shares a common early history with the rest of the region. The area was first inhabited by the Lenni Lenape tribe who lived along the Delaware River valley. After the settlers moved into the region, land sales were negotiated, and communities formed. There is some confusion over one of the earliest deeds, one listing notes Thomas Pile, sometimes spelled Pyle, and the other shows the name as James Pile. No matter the first name, the town earned its moniker from Pile when he purchased ten thousand acres in 1682.

To protect their local farmers from nuisance lawsuits, in 1979, Pilesgrove was the first in the state of New Jersey to enforce the right-to-farm law. Under it, farms have a “natural right” to exist within the township as long as city ordinances are being obeyed. This law protects farmers who use standard farming practices from lawsuits that include noise, odors, visual clutter, and much more. All fifty states have also incorporated some version of these laws.

Pilesgrove is also home to two New Jersey wineries, Auburn Road Vineyards, and Chestnut Run Farm. Auburn Road was first planted in 2004 and opened to the public in 2007. They are an advocate of directly shipping wine from the vineyard to the customers and offer a bistro that sells cheese, soups, and bread. Chestnut Run Farm is known for their Fuji apple and Asian pear wines. Sales began in 2007 and a tasting room opened in 2012. Like Auburn Road, Chestnut Run also advocates direct shipping to customers.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC also goes directly to its local customers in Pilesgrove.

Our expertly better services can help your wallet with improved heating and air conditioning efficiency. You can save a lot of energy and also five percent of your energy bill right away. That’s can happen when one of our local HVAC experts gets your seals and insulation set properly, but we also offer a special service, an Audit.

An Energy Star Audit from one of our expertly better heating and air conditioning contractors can earn you state rebates can be up to 2,000 to 4,000 dollars, just for making your home more efficient! Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program (HPwES) projects will also qualify your home for zero percent financing up to seven years to pay with no interest!

Hutch started with HpwES in the beginning and has since been rated in the top three companies in the entire country for completed Energy Star Projects. Our expertly better contractors are very proud that our services have helped residents to save over three million dollars in energy costs. Have your heating and air conditioning checked out right away, with proper maintenance you can see a difference.

Our local plumbing services are also the best around. We are available for emergencies 24/7 or appointments at your convenience. Call Hutch today!

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