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Hutchinson contractors are almost always in the Pennsauken area. With over 35,000 people to serve, we are always ready to go and on the job here, giving residents expertly better service. All roads seem to lead us here.

Pennsauken is home to the oldest traffic circle in America, laid out in 1925. Here we converge Routes 130, 38, 30.  Circles are an old idea, that were easy to use when horses rode the trails, and since NJ has some of the oldest roadways in the nation, we still see these here today. This particular circle has turned into a new shape with many ramps, lights and additions through the years. We know it well and can get to our neighbors when they need a plumber quickly. Our HVAC services are 100% guaranteed, with warranties available for up to one year.

It was and is called Airport circle, as neighboring Camden used to have an airport. Surrounding the circle was once a famous racetrack, and the first drive-in movie theater in the US. Nearby are also Route 73 and the Betsy Ross Bridge has her eastern landing at home in Pennsauken. If all of those roads are congested, you can always take the “River Line” train that runs through this good old town. If your pipes are clogged and congested, you call us, and a local plumber will be at your service.

The name Pennsauken is often thought to be derived from the Lenni-Lenape word “Pindasenaken” meaning “Tobacco Pouch”. It has, however, been contested that “Penn” could refer to William Penn while “sauk” refers to the water inlet or outlet. Pennsauken is a township, and it includes many small sections in its twelve-mile area. All of which are very familiar to the local contractors of Hutchinson, who have done much of their heating and air conditioning since 1948. Settled in 1880 and officially formed in 1892, the name stuck, replacing much of Stockton Township.

Pennsauken also has an island in its boundaries. It was used for oil and freight storage and shipping throughout the years, but recently it is home to nesting bald eagles. It’s called Petty’s Island, and it is being considered for a wildlife & nature center. It should soon become a state park. This town is diverse, almost as diverse as HVAC services & heating and air conditioning repair or installations. We are expertly trained and have been continuously learning how to take care of our NJ customers since 1948. We also take pride in learning about the communities we serve, Pennsauken is very interesting and has a book written about it. “The Pennsauken Story: A Township Centennial Edition” – 1991 by Jack H. Fichter (Author). It’s filled with more fun facts about Pennsauken.

Hutchinson Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is proud to offer our “Expertly Better” service to the residents of Pennsauken. We are proud recipients of the Courier Post’s BEST Heating and Cooling Service Award as well as the Super Service Award from Angie’s List and as such we are more than happy to prove to you why you can trust Hutchinson with all of your plumbing, heating, and cooling needs.

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