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Paulsboro, NJ, home of Fort Billingsport, is a small industrialized borough on the east bank of the Delaware River. This culturally diverse and historic town is located a quick thirty minute drive to the heart of Philadelphia. Paulsboro has a long history, and Hutchinson’s plumbing services are a recent part of it. We have only been taking care of resident’s heating and air conditioning here for seventy years, but this town has recorded history for almost four hundred years.

Prior to the town’s original settlers, the area was inhabited by the Leni Lenape Tribe. The newcomers referred to this land as Crown Point. The first settlements began in 1623 when Captain Cornelius Mey sailed to the mouth of Big Timber Creek, about ten miles to the north. In 1664, King Charles of England granted the land from the Delaware River to Connecticut to his brother, Lord Berkeley.

After several land disputes throughout the mid-1700’s, two-hundred and thirty settlers came with William Penn and Edward Byllings and bought the land that is now Paulsboro for a penny and acre. The land was again sold in 1764 to Scottish immigrants. Philip and John Paul bought the hundred acre tract of land between the Delaware River and Mantua Creek.

Fort Billingsport was purchased on July 5, 1776 by the Continental Congress, making it the first land purchased by the United States. That is an interesting fact about Paulsboro. Purchased for six hundred pounds, Tadeusz Kosciuszko designed the fort at the request of General George Washington. Kosciuszko, a Polish-Lithuanian military engineer never completed the project, as the fort fell to British troops in 1777, just prior to the Battle of Red Bank. Fort Billingsport now serves as a public park with memorials to both the fort and Kosciuszko.

In the early 1920’s, Paulsboro began the shift from a residential community to the industrial town it now is. With its prime location on two major waterways, the Delaware River and Mantua Creek, the town continues to thrive as it looks forward to the future. Hutchinson’s expertly better heating and air conditioning contractors look forward to being part of that future.

We have been providing services to the local area since 1948. We have grown along side Paulsboro and South Jersey. During that time our services have gained a reputation for being the best plumbers and HVAC contractors in the business. We win awards every year from local trusted entities like the Courier post, and elite companies like Lennox.

We are proud to be a part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program as well. We are known as one of the top three providers in the United States for completed home Energy Star projects. That means we helped many families get their heating, ac and plumbing so efficient, they save on their energy bill, earned state grant incentives and are more comfortable every day.

Hutchinson’s local services are available 24/7. We are highly trained in the newest and oldest technologies. We know just how to fix an old heating unit or a new high efficiency ac system. Our plumbers and HVAC professionals complete one hundred hours of continuous training each year, to make sure we are the best contractors you can call. We are available 24/7 and waiting to hear from you now. We can schedule you an appointment at your convenience.

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