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Palmyra, NJ is a quaint borough, a residential community with a population of approximately 2,500. It sits on the east side of the Delaware River with the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge connecting the town to Philadelphia, PA. The Palmyra train station is part of NJ Transit’s River line rail system also connecting it to the PATCO Speedline.

In the late 17th century this area was settled by Swedish immigrants and later by English Quakers. This place was sparsely settled farmland until 1834, when the Camden & Amboy Railroad built a rail station here. By the mid-1800’s Philadelphia businessman purchased much of the farmland between the railroad and the Delaware River and named the area Palmyra after the famous ancient trading center in Syria. That is far away, but Hutchinson contractors are local, and have been doing HVAC and plumbing services around here for a long time. Our family business started in 1948, and we grew famous in the area for our ‘expertly better’ services.

Palmyra has a baseball claim to fame. In 1938, baseball player Russell ‘Lena’ Blackburne discovered that a local area mud made new baseballs less slippery and easier to throw. Now every major league baseball team uses “Lena Blackburn Baseball Rubbing Mud”, which is still manufactured in the area. Palmyra is also home to the Lena Blackburn Memorial Field.

Today Palmyra, NJ is a quiet community with modest homes and a small-town feel. Several of the streets share their names with Center City, Philadelphia streets, such as Market, Arch, and Race. The borough is home to the Palmyra Nature Cove. The cove serves as a bird sanctuary and offers hiking trails for visitors. The community also offers an annual Palmyra Day event in May that offers a street fair, car show, and other family friendly events. While you’re there, you may see a Hutchinson’s plumbing & heating van drive by!
Many things help Hutchinson’s stand apart from the others in South Jersey and Eastern PA, is that we know our local communities like Palmyra. We offer residents here a unique Service Repair Guide.

Our service guides are created to keep you, our valued customer, informed about all aspects of the job our contractors are doing. You always are free to ask us any questions you can think of, but the service guide will cover everything you may not think to ask. We want you to be assured up front that there will be no surprises and know that we are professionals.

You will receive a comprehensive list of all issues that are keeping your systems from working correctly. You will get a guide for HVAC work, or a simple air conditioning adjustment. We will let you know what is keeping your units from working correctly. We break down each issue and add an order of urgency to the list.  You will easily see which problems you should repair as soon as possible for your systems to work again, and we will also let you know what repairs you can safely put off until later.

Our local contractors will review all of the costs to perform the work, prior to beginning it. Hutchinson’s will never leave you stuck. You will know exactly what we will be doing, when we are doing it, and precisely what you will be paying our technician at the end of your heating or air conditioning repair.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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