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Ocean County has come to trust our local plumbers when they come by for repairs or maintenance. When you need installation for your new boiler or air conditioner, you know our contractors are expertly better and we will get the service done right the first time.

If your air conditioner is on the fritz, or your heating system needs maintenance or repairs, we are available 24/7. With every plumber’s visit or HVAC maintenance call, you will receive a written report about all of the services we recommend. You will see what is critical to your systems functioning, and you will also see what repairs can wait until a more convenient time.

Remember, if you need a plumber or air conditioner repaired, Hutchinson is the best local company to do business with. We have been doing local heating installations for seventy years and are well known in Ocean County for being expertly better, dependable, friendly and reasonable. Call us today or book an appointment on our website!

In the year 1614, a man named Cornelius Hendrickson sailed a ship called Onrust up Toms River and was the first European to stand on what has become Ocean County, NJ. He liked the Barnegat Inlet and claimed the whole area for Holland. It was called New Netherlands for sixty-four years until the British forced their own entitlement of the land, and they called this place Albania.

They said Henry Hudson made their claim in 1609 on the Half Moon ship, saying “This is a good land to fall in with, and a pleasant land to see.”.  Of course, the Paleo Indians were the first humans to come here, in 11,500 BC. They stayed about twelve thousand years until the Lenni Lenape took it over in 1000 BC and stayed until the Europeans took the stronghold.

After the local Lenape sold their land to the providence buyers, Ocean County was named in 1685. When Jersey was split in two, East and West, they drew a line called the Keith Province Line, and that created the Burlington County border of Ocean County. The county existed but it remained officially in Albania until Queen Anne deemed this New Jersey in 1702. Within ten years roads were being built and small towns emerged, first West Creek, then Waretown. The name has changed spelling several times, Waier CreekMills, Wiretown, and Weartown were all found on period documents.

After the settling settled-down, this area was full of battles and excitement during the Revolutionary War and after. Each town has braggable skirmishes and the cemeteries are full of stones marking our fallen soldiers. This place has seen its share of pirates and fortune, high society and hardworking people. Ocean County is famous for innovative agriculture, cranberry bogs, vineyards, high tech amusement parks and forty miles of barrier beaches.

Today you’ll find bustling cities, religious centers of faith, wildlife preserves and national forests. You can visit resorts of all sizes, climb lighthouses, take part in water sports, attend college and train for the military, all without leaving Ocean County. Residents can commute to New York City in about an hour, or drive the other way and reach Philadelphia in about the same time. It is no wonder people are still flocking to settle here.

There are over a half a million people living in Ocean County now. That is a lot of local families and good people for Hutchinson to keep comfortable. We extend our repair service and our maintenance protocols to whatever the homes and businesses here require. There is no heating installation too large or service too small. Hutchinson shows up to your home prepared, clean and with a smile.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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