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Ocean City, NJ is a popular resort city with pristine beaches, a bustling boardwalk, and attractions for the whole family. Before all of that, it became a prime destination along the NJ shore for fishing and camping seasonally for hundreds of years. Like most of the area, it was inhabited by Native Americans in the summer before Europeans settled here.

How efficient is your heating and air conditioning? Hutchinson can let you know if your HVAC system qualifies you for an ENERGY STAR rating in Ocean City, NJ. Our audits can find ways to get your system running at 90% efficiency! If your home is using an older heating and air conditioning unit that runs around 75 %, we can convert that to a new hybrid system that can reduce your bills by over 10%. That adds up over time, and so does your help to the environment, not to mention the enjoyment of your family’s higher comfort level.

A SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) is a rating by Energy Star that will reduce your seasonal energy bills by 4%. This usually applies to summer air conditioner usage but may apply elsewhere. Have our expert contractors come audit your heating and AC systems, as well as the efficiency of your vents and appliances. You never know what services our expert contractors offer, that will help you save money.

In 1879 Ocean City was chosen to be a suitable spot for a Christian retreat and camp. In 1884, Ocean City was formed and would later be known by locals as “America’s Greatest Family Resort.” One of the city’s best-known landmarks is the two-and-a-half-mile boardwalk. First built in 1880, the boardwalk is host to over 100,000 visitors each year. Our team at Hutchinson’s has walked these boards many times. We love getting calls for our local plumbing, heating and air conditioning services here, and we usually stop for salt water taffy after our work is expertly finished.

Families can find entertainment for all ages along the boardwalk with two amusement parks, an arcade, mini golf, and a music pier. Visitors to the beach can rent kayaks and surfboards, while those just wanting to cruise the board walk have bike rental options. For those looking for something more relaxing, there a number of boutique shops and a wide range of dining options.

Ocean City also has a thriving downtown district that is recognized for being a safe and clean space for families to visit. The strip offers over 100 retailers, many being mom-and-pop shops that have been mainstays here for years. In addition to boutique and novelty shopping, there are a number of galleries, most of which feature local artists, imported furniture stores, and wide variety of restaurants.

Ocean City Hall is a grand example of Beaux-Arts architecture. Built in 1914, the century old structure has been placed on both the NJ and US National Register of Historic Places. Students of the local high school turn parts of the building into a haunted house during the fall. The first-floor sustained substantial flood damage during Hurricane Sandy. The city approved a $1.7 million contact to rebuild and improve the first-floor. Hutchinson has helped others here with their HVAC issues and getting their plumbing working again after all of that flooding. We also help maintain your home and vacation comfort during regular times, on season and off, with our services.

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